8 Scariest Airport Landings That Make People Faint

Photo by Thiago B Trevisan from Shutterstock

7. Congonhas, Brazil

In the past, So Paulo’s domestic airport used to have an issue with drainage—a pretty major one since it caused a fatal accident in 2007. After this incident, the runway was resurfaced to solve the problem, but landing here can still be fear-inducing and challenging.

Just a couple of miles from downtown, which in Brazil’s capital city means it’s still in the middle of everything, the runway is completely surrounded by urban sprawl. It debuted in the 1930s and is the only runway the airport has. Basically, you’ll be flying over rooftops and apartment blocks until the very last moment.

8. Lukla, Nepal

Wind shear, mountains, and a quite short runway—Lukla has it all. Also known as the world’s most dangerous airport, it has a runway that’s laid out on a cliffside between mountains. At the gateway to Everest, in the breathtaking mountains of Nepal, there are 1,729 feet of runway, which drops straight into an abyss at the end.

To help planes slow down their speed, the runway is even slanted upward. And no, there’s no scope for go-arounds, so if a plane is on its final descent, it needs to land. The only good thing is that the mountain views are incredibly stunning on the way down.

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