4 Ways America Might Be Destroyed by 2050

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3. Living standards declining

Not everyone is optimistic regarding the changes that the United States will go through by 2050. Some of them think that income gaps will become wider and wider, which will lead to a decline in living standards.

As for political parties, both Republicans and Democrats think that income inequality will continue to grow by 2050, but they don’t share the same opinion over the duration for which the federal government should make it a priority to reduce the gap between those who are poor and those who are rich.

Moreover, the citizens are unsure regarding the living standard of the average US resident: 20% of people who participated in this research think that the situation is going to get better over time, 44% say that things are going to worsen by 2050, and 35% say that there’s not going to be any major change. Where do you stand on this? Leave a comment below!

4. Tough financial situations for seniors

Another thing people in the United States are scared about is the financial situation of the elderly. Many people fear that American citizens over the age of 65 are more likely to experience a worse standard of living by 2050 compared to the one they have today.

And the bad expectations continue because 3-quarters of those who participated in this study claimed that, in their opinion, seniors will be less prepared for retirement than their counterparts nowadays. They also think that in the future, seniors might need to go back to work (even in their 70s) to be able to afford their retirement years.

The Social Security system is another concern that people have. According to their responses, more than 40% of citizens who aren’t retired say that by 2050 there won’t be enough money to provide retirees any benefits. On the other hand, 16% of these people think that there will be enough money for everyone, while the rest of the 42% say that there probably will be certain benefits, but at reduced levels.

Do you think that America is going to be destroyed by 2050? We can only hope that something like this isn’t going to happen, but we have to wait and see where things go!

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1 thought on “4 Ways America Might Be Destroyed by 2050”

  1. When will people see the real problem? As always it starts with money. Spending is the root cause. Simply put it is spending money they don’t have. counting on the money they think they will have. the second problem also related to money is that we have bankers controlling it. All done under the guise of “protecting the citizen. We actually have no “real” money it is money that is used for the convenience of use. With inflation, it would be hard to carry enough money to buy food at the market we have allowed the government to print money that they say is backed by real value like gold. Even that is no longer true. it is now only the word of the government that says it will honor the value of that piece of paper you hold. We all know what the word of government is worth today. Now they want to go digital. Why? it isn’t for the convenience of the people. It will become easier to track every transaction so they can tax it. you will have no way to object because they will have complete control. object and they flip a switch and you have no way to live. pay your bills so your house and car is confiscated and not paying your bills is criminal so you go to jail. The government then becomes the lesser of the evils that await. Disasters natural or man-made will cut power and your source of living. our system is vulnerable to attack from enemies that want to destroy our country. Even worse are the people that want the power to rule. With control of our power grid, they would have absolute power, or so they believe. Many possibilities come to mind. Many ( the sheeple) will follow without a bleat thinking they have no choice. others will rise up unorganized to be put down quickly. Others will have foreseen this problem and quietly set plans in motion that could liberate or destroy our nation. We still have a choice to make changes peacefully. We see the efforts of the government trying to take control and the efforts of people to resist. The Insurrection of Jan 6 was one. Question !!! how many of these people have actually been convicted of insurrection?. Time to pause from your phone text and look at the many views that come from media. determine which source is true. or as true as you can prove. This must be our first step. having sources that provide accurate information. Not just because they are a bad guy part of the opposing party. We must stop the uncontrolled spending by gov. Look at how they solve problems. if their answer is they need to spend more money then you must ask OK but we need to hear the plan that goes with spending money. If we get a long sentence that says nothing then you are backing the wrong person. Time to stop the spending and corruption. look closely to see how your representative can become a millionaire in the few years they represent us on the salary they make.( please note I didn’t say earn). Taxing the rich for their “fair share” isnt the answer. it is their spending. Well my rant has extended far too long. Thanks for reading my post.—— I, Grampa

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