Mass Shooters Targeted These 5 Cities This Year

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Have you heard about all the mass shootings that took place this year?

There is no surprise to anyone that, as a nation, we have a problem with mass shootings. And even if some are quick to dismiss some of them on the grounds that they do not have that many casualties, it is still the sad reality in which we live, where we cannot guarantee the safety of anyone, even the children in schools.

These tragedies happen so often that we have reached a point where we have more shootings than days in the year, with 647 mass shootings recorded! So far in 2023, we have had 133 mass shootings, with a lot of these criminals targeting certain communities, places, and even cities!

To be able to understand why people are calling for gun reforms to be made, we have gathered some of the biggest tragedies that unfolded this year and discovered some of the cities these criminals seem to have made a target out of!

Read along to discover the cities that have seen more tragedy than they should have this year!

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8 thoughts on “Mass Shooters Targeted These 5 Cities This Year”

  1. By the time Pres. Bidin decides what todo about guns im major cities gets worse, will we still be alive.

  2. Elizabeth A Rooth

    It isn’t the guns. It’s the morons and people with mental issues that lie on applications to get guns that is the problem. If citizens are disarmed, only thugs will have guns and we won’t have any way to protect ourselves from them or the governments that are trying to enslave us. That’s why our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights.

  3. Funny that 3 of the 5 were in California. They have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Banks and politicians have armed guards, protecting valuable assets. Yet, we post gun-free zones at schools, leaving our most valuable assets unprotected.

    Pointing a finger at guns won’t work. Tougher CRIMINAL punishment will.

  4. Almost almost sounds like those masked. Killings are masterminded for a political agenda.
    Especially specially since.
    The killer dies and almost all cases.

  5. Almost sounds like those mass killings are masterminded for a political agenda especially since the killers die in almost all cases.

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