Mass Shooters Targeted These 5 Cities This Year

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Memphis, Tennessee

We would like to think of these tragedies as few and far between, but the numbers and reality prove us wrong each time. Despite having heard of a tragedy not too long before, on March 27 in the same state, another one took place on March 29 in Memphis! It is impossible to know why these things happen, but it is not that far-fetched to think the massacre two days prior caused this person to go forward with their plan.

The situation is still developing, but so far we know that two people have lost their lives and that five others have been badly injured. The shooting took place outside of a restaurant, and it is believed that the whole altercation was caused by a fight that started inside the club-restaurant. So far, the Memphis police have not yet revealed any details about the shooter, and it is known that one person arrested at the scene was charged with murder, while others were charged with attempted murder.

A lot of Americans blame these tragedies in part on the quite lax gun regulations we have in place. And they are not completely wrong! Here are just some of the most insanely deadly weapons you can still legally own in most states!

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5 thoughts on “Mass Shooters Targeted These 5 Cities This Year”

  1. By the time Pres. Bidin decides what todo about guns im major cities gets worse, will we still be alive.

  2. Elizabeth A Rooth

    It isn’t the guns. It’s the morons and people with mental issues that lie on applications to get guns that is the problem. If citizens are disarmed, only thugs will have guns and we won’t have any way to protect ourselves from them or the governments that are trying to enslave us. That’s why our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights.

  3. Funny that 3 of the 5 were in California. They have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Banks and politicians have armed guards, protecting valuable assets. Yet, we post gun-free zones at schools, leaving our most valuable assets unprotected.

    Pointing a finger at guns won’t work. Tougher CRIMINAL punishment will.

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