7 Companies That Get Rich From Natural Disasters

Generac company
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3. Generac

This Wisconsin-based generator manufacturer often sees a significant increase in sales following storms and hurricanes. When it comes to local power suppliers, people in affected areas such as Louisiana and Florida have grown increasingly cautious since getting hit by devastating hurricane seasons in 2017 and 2018.

That’s when Generac (which trades as GNRC) had one of its best quarters since the company started in 1959, with sales increasing by more than 22% and reaching $457.3 million in a single year.

Not only homes but also businesses generate significant income for Generac by purchasing large wattage generators meant to power stores during adverse weather conditions.

4. Nestle

Following harsh criticism for palm oil harvesting practices that have resulted in deforestation in some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems and disastrous habitat loss, the food and beverage giant took investors by surprise by announcing their new plant based Beyond Meat products.

The “imitation-meat” production was valued at $7.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase and reach $16.5 billion by 2026. That would mean a nearly 8% annual growth rate. Since launching its plant-based products in late 2018, Nestle (trading as NSRGY) has already had soaring profits.

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