The 6 Most Devastating U.S. Floods in the Last 50 Years

flood aftermath
Image By Great Pics Worldwide From Shutterstock

We may have forgotten about them, but floods can hit us when we never expect them! After all, they don’t always hit our communities when hurricanes are about to hit the coast. It can happen that excessive rain overflows from the dry land, or just have nowhere else to go, and you end up with your house invaded by water.

And while it doesn’t seem so, floods are actually one of the most widespread and common natural disasters caused by the weather! Over the last 50 years, we have faced a lot of floods, but whether they were caused by heavy rains or an incoming hurricane, some are always better ingrained in our memory, and others are forgotten. Yet, they’re all just as important and need to be remembered!

We have gathered some of the worst floods our country has faced in hopes that we all pay attention to this weather phenomenon a bit more. What’s more, it could help us to learn from history and start to be prepared in case another one hits soon!

Let us know if you’ve ever experienced a flood!

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