9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT

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Even if we’ve just been through a tough pandemic that obliged us to stay inside, climate disasters didn’t cease to exist, wreaking havoc outside our houses. In the last two winters, a wave of storms and cold hit the Northwest, Central, and Eastern America.

As the damages were estimated, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared that, at least in 2021, we had been through the most costly winter storm on the record. In the meantime, wildfires are raging in the west, continuing to devastate both property and human lives.

And should we remind ourselves about 2020, when we’ve witnessed a record-breaking season for wildfires? More than 10.2 million acres of territory in California, Oregon, and Washington completely vanished.

However, when it comes to economic damage, water is still the winner, because no wildfire seasons entered the list of the most expensive natural disasters in our history, not even the well-known California Camp Fire of 2018. If we’re in this chapter, let’s discuss 10 expensive natural disasters in U.S. history.

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  1. We were made aware that the government was going to arrange for the people to pay this instead of the insurance companies. I wonder how many people were listeining when the info was released in the 90s. This happened when there was alot of hurricaines, and hotels were toppling over like dominoes. it was said that this is a lot for fema to handle.

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