The 5 Worst Earthquakes That Ever Hit the US

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An earthquake, sometimes known as a temblor, quake, or tremor, is the shaking of the Earth’s surface that results from a sudden release of energy in the planet’s lithosphere and is responsible for creating seismic waves.

They can range in strength from those that are so small that no one can feel them to those that are so powerful that they destroy entire cities and send people and objects flying.

As you already know, natural disasters can occur at any time, without anyone expecting them, and leave a complete mess and chaos behind them. This is also the case with earthquakes. Just like we’ve previously said, some of them are so small that nobody can feel them, while others look and feel like they have some supernatural force and are able to damage an entire city in just a few seconds.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the 5 worst earthquakes that ever hit the US:

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