The 5 Worst Earthquakes That Ever Hit the US

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Northridge, California 1994

The last earthquake on our list took place on January 17th, 1994, in Northridge, a neighborhood in north Los Angeles, in the state of California. The quake measured a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale, and it killed roughly 60 people and injured more than 9,000. In addition to these human disasters, the tremor temporarily left 125,000 people homeless.

In accordance with several experts, it is believed that the quake cost the city roughly $35 billion in damage.

…Did you know about any of these terrible and deadly earthquakes? If you are curious to know more about tremors that resulted in numerous fatalities and permanently altered various nations, check this article out: The 6 Earthquakes That Caused The Most Damage!

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