9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT

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Hurricane Ike (2008), $37.5 billion in damage

Hurricane Ike was a Category 2 hurricane when it made landfall back in September 2008, but its size of it was truly exceptional. It came with tropical-force winds that reached a total amount of 425 miles from the northwest to the southeast.

It made landfall in Texas, bringing an extremely destructive, even deadly storm that wiped Texas and southwest Louisiana coasts. The area is home to oil and gas drilling, alongside other associated industries, and the storm eventually resulted in gasoline shortages in the southeast region of the U.S., because of damaged oil platforms, storage tanks, pipelines, and refineries.

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1 thought on “9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT”

  1. We were made aware that the government was going to arrange for the people to pay this instead of the insurance companies. I wonder how many people were listeining when the info was released in the 90s. This happened when there was alot of hurricaines, and hotels were toppling over like dominoes. it was said that this is a lot for fema to handle.

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