9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT

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Hurricane Maria (2017), $96.3 billion in damage

The last of 2017’s troika of Category 4 storms that hit the U.S. was Hurricane Maria, which will probably be remembered for all the damage it caused to Puerto Rico (even if it also struck St. Croix). It was by far one of the deadliest storms that ever hit the U.S., as it had many indirect deaths in the wake of the storm’s devastation.

Maria destroyed the island’s transportation, agriculture, communication, and even energy infrastructure. Everyone was left without no power, cellular communications shut down completely, which made rescue efforts even more complicated.

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1 thought on “9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT”

  1. We were made aware that the government was going to arrange for the people to pay this instead of the insurance companies. I wonder how many people were listeining when the info was released in the 90s. This happened when there was alot of hurricaines, and hotels were toppling over like dominoes. it was said that this is a lot for fema to handle.

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