9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT

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Hurricane Harvey (2017), $133.8 billion in damage

Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage, mostly because of a combination of wind, storm surge, and rain. However, the proportions might differ. When it comes to Hurricane Harvey, it was the extreme rainfall, as the storm lurched ashore close to Rockport, Texas (being a Category 4), in August 2017, it completely stalled one of the most populated areas of the Gulf Coast.

According to NOAA, the storm was by far the most significant tropical cyclone rainfall event in the entire U.S. history. A frog-strangling 60 inches fell on Nederland, Texas.

However, high levels of water were widespread, as it rained more than 30 inches of rain on 6.9 million people. It resulted in massive flooding that displaced over 30,000 people and completely damaged more than 200,000 homes and businesses.

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1 thought on “9 Expensive Natural Disasters That Cost America a LOT”

  1. We were made aware that the government was going to arrange for the people to pay this instead of the insurance companies. I wonder how many people were listeining when the info was released in the 90s. This happened when there was alot of hurricaines, and hotels were toppling over like dominoes. it was said that this is a lot for fema to handle.

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