5 Worst Things That Could Happen With a Plane

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Despite a lot of Americans fearing that something may happen to their plane, these wonders of modern engineering are actually the safest ways in which you can travel. It doesn’t seem like being trapped in a steel machine thousands of feet up in the air may be safer than any other means of transportation, but the numbers don’t lie. In fact, there are more chances of being attacked by a shark or even struck by lightning than of something happening to you on a plane.

Driving is 100 times more dangerous, but we still do it! And that’s exactly why, despite any apprehensions we may have, we continue to fly places. Some of us even go on flights multiple times a year. And none of us can deny the fact that there is a little voice in our mind that always talks about what could go wrong while we’re on a plane.

And while a lot of what can go wrong with the plane is generally up to something to do with the pilot, the weather, or something not being okay with the aircraft itself, Read along to discover what the worst things that can happen to a flying plane can be and how that can lead to disaster!

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