10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US

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Photo by Tada Images from Shutterstock

San Francisco

Block group established around Turk Street, Taylor Street, Ellis Street, Powell Street, and Market Street

Households that were surveyed in the 2014-2018 ACS in this particular block group had a total of $20, 583 annual median household income, which was among the lowest 3% in the U.S. 60% of the 16+ popular wasn’t in the labor force at all, and these numbers are the highest 4% in the entire U.S.

Also, 66% of the surveyed population was entirely male, with a median age of 55.1 years (which is the highest 6% in the country). There are reportedly 242 predicted violent crimes per year, but also the predicted violent crime rate is above 203 crimes per 1,000 residents.

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2 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US”

  1. It’s time to end the CIRCUS and find a REAL LEADER who can solve economic, political, and international problems!

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