5 Deadliest Cities in Florida Seniors Must Avoid

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Oh, Florida! The Sunshine State, with all of its gorgeous beaches and all-year-round good weather, is the no. 1 destination for retirees who want to live their golden years in a sunny paradise. And really now, wouldn’t you want to wake up, look out the window, and see the ocean with its cobalt blue waves waiting for you every morning?

Now, like any other state, Florida is not all sunshine and roses, and if you plan to visit or move there, you should be aware of this. We are sure that all of you know those crazy “Florida Man” headlines, and it is true that they have some interesting characters there, but at the same time, the crime rate in Florida is only a little bit higher than the national average. So, don’t be fooled by that.

If you are a senior and you want to retire in Florida, you should know about these dangerous cities that we recommend you avoid at all costs. Read on and find out more about them.

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