5 Deadliest Cities in Florida Seniors Must Avoid

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2. Orlando

This city is well-known for the famous theme parks that are located there, such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, and that’s why tourists from all over the US love Orlando. The weather is amazing, and the nightlife is thrilling – what more could you wish for?

More than that, the cost of living is slightly lower than the state average, so the location is pretty affordable for anyone. But, because this is such a popular destination for tourists and also for those who want to relocate from other states, the rate of crime is naturally higher.

The rate of violent crimes per 1000 residents is 8.28, and that of property crimes is 36.80 per 1000 residents. The overall crime rate is 19.0%. Usually, people fall victim to various scams and also auto theft.

Some neighborhoods that are renowned for being the most dangerous are the following: Mercy Drive, Malibu Groves, Roosevelt Park, and Johnson Village.

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