12 Insane Weapons You Can Legally Own in Most States

ghost gun
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Wild Kat Keychain

It’s true that the group of Individual Defensive Tactics declared that the keychains are legal in the majority of states, but you should still check with your local police department. Their deadliest feature is the fact that they might look cute, but they have VERY sharp ears. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use: all you have to do is to stick your hands in those eyes and…stab.

Homemade guns

Homemade guns seem to be legal as long as the gun maker doesn’t decide to sell the gun and it isn’t prohibited from owning one, as ATF declared. However, their deadliest feature is that they’re absolutely unpredictable.

Ghost guns

Have you ever heard of ghost guns? It seems that they can be easily made with a 3D printer in the “comfort of your own home”, and they don’t require a certain background check or license. Their deadliest feature is that they’re completely untraceable, and they started to be the murder weapon in most criminal cases nowadays.

The M134 General Electric Minigun

As the National Firearms Act confirmed, any fully automatic weapon that has been made before 1986 is seen as fair game to civilians. But their deadliest feature is that they can fire up as much as 166 times per second, which is a huge number!

Stun Gun

Stun guns can be easily bought from Amazon, and you won’t have to go through any kind of background check or training. In fact, according to the Criminal Defense Lawyer, Stun guns and any other electronic self-defense weapons are all legal in the wide majority of states. Their deadliest feature is that they can easily kill.

Tactical Baton

When it comes to tactical batons, it highly depends on the state. Vermont and Arizona have nothing against citizens who carry batons, as long as they’re not threatening with them or exhibit any kind of unlawful behavior. However, California generally prohibited carrying any kind of club weapon. Its deadliest feature? Well, you can only imagine what happens if you get hit by a club weapon.

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