6 Decisions That Destroyed Successful Companies

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5. Facebook

Even though Facebook is still active on the market, the controversies from 2016 regarding the privacy of the users led to huge scandals and mistrust of the people.

In case you forgot or weren’t familiar with what happened, Facebook gave access to Cambridge Analytica in 2016 (ahead of the presidential election) to the user’s person in order to obtain psychological profiles of the voters.

And it was revealed in 2017 that Russia paid Facebook $100,000 for ads that were spreading propaganda whose purpose was to influence the voters in the upcoming election (and succeeded).

Even though there were trials and hearings and the company was fined with billions of dollars, Facebook still runs to this day, but the trust is lost and their image damaged.

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3 thoughts on “6 Decisions That Destroyed Successful Companies”

  1. This is a great article. It really proves honesty is the best policy. The common thread for these companies failing was greed .

  2. Motorola and Kodak sniffed around a digital segment merger but neither “Legend in Their Own Mind” could make it happen. A tragic U.S. missed opportunity

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