6 Devastating Bermuda Triangle Stories

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1. Mary Celeste

Bermuda Triangle
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The Mary Celeste is among the world’s most enigmatic shipwrecks. Despite the fact that it had been discovered drifting in another part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle theory had been used to solve the enigma of its destiny.

Everything was in place when it was discovered on December 4, 1872, other than the whole staff. The yacht, which was filled with pure alcohol, had seven crew men, as well as Captain Benjamin Briggs, his spouse, and their two-year-old girl. There has never been any sign of the individuals who were on the ship or the lost lifeboat.

After studying the ship, the possibility of a pirate attack was found to be unlikely, since everything on the ship was still intact, including the alcohol and the crew’s expensive items. A natural calamity was also a possibility. Many speculated that the tragedy was caused by an underwater earthquake, but just a handful speculated that the ship had accidentally entered the Bermuda Triangle.

However, as plausible as these theories may appear, they simply do not match. After all, why would a properly trained crew quit their ship on a beautiful day with no threats to their safety, abandon it and never return?

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