Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say

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Nuclear Bomb
Photo by Tomasz Makowski from Shutterstock
  • Los Angeles- The situation here is a bit better, but still not great. Around 100,000 people would die here and approximately 150,00 would get hurt.
  • Houston- If Houston was a target, there would be around 90,000 deaths and 65,000 injuries. The Space Center Houston and the Johnson Space Center would be shielded if the bomb was detonated near the downtown area. Additionally, the Houston Zoo may be able to avoid the air blasts as well.
  • San Francisco- If a 15-kiloton bomb detonated in this metropolis, relatively 64,000 people would pass away and 172,000 would be wounded. It wouldn’t affect two of the city’s most recognizable waterside landmarks: Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building.
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1 thought on “Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say”

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