Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say

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radiation area
Photo by Sergey Kamshylin from Shutterstock


This area is where particles of radioactive dust will spread within less than 15 minutes after the matter. The clouds of dust will directly affect people, causing radiation poisoning and can even be fatal. The chances of survival are still slim.

There are two types of exposure, namely internal and external exposure. As the name suggests, the latter occurs when exposed people experience severe burns, eye damage, and even temporary blindness. On the other hand, internal exposure usually refers to a prolonged process in which people eat contaminated food and breathe polluted air.

In time, this type of exposure could lead to the development of cancer and other serious health conditions.

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1 thought on “Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say”

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