8 Most Horrific Massacres In World History

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4. Stalin’s Massacre

  • Soviet Union

Horrific Massacres
Photo by Viacheslav Lopatin from Shutterstock

During the mid-1920s, Joseph Stalin was among the most frightening dictators of all history for the Soviet Union. The horrific regime of Adolf Hitler comes to mind when we think about World War II. Stalin, on the other hand, was a major contributor to the state’s mass murders until his death in 1953.

Stalin slaughtered around 20-25 million people as a result of poor agricultural policies, filling every part of the country with corpses and pungent smells. He was capable of turning the state into a single entity of slaves by mercilessly slaughtering and creating a fantastic history via mass massacre. Stalin is said to have killed around one million people before 1930.

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