6 Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors

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5. Errol Flynn

Born Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn on 20 June 1909, in Tasmania, Australia, this swashbuckling legend would be one of the early ‘bad boys’ of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Although the story varies, it’s believed he was ‘discovered’ in 1933 by Australian filmmaker Charles Chauvel who was making a film about the mutiny on the Bounty called In the Wake of the Bounty and cast him as Fletcher Christian.

Soon after he would move to Britain and make a name for himself before moving to Hollywood and signing a contract with Warner Bros. Gaining worldwide fame with his most notable roles of Captain Blood and Robin Hood, Flynn developed a reputation for womanizing, hard drinking, chain smoking and, for a time in the 1940s, narcotics abuse.

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9 thoughts on “6 Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors”

  1. Oh, these are GOOD! But they did forget a few of well renowned and classically handsome actors of the time, such as James Dean, Rock Hudson, Sidney Portiere and let’s not forget some rugged looking characters nowadays looked real good back then such as Clint Eastwood and even Charles Bronson and lest we forget, former Pres, Ronald Reagan. My taste is more in the Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and Mel Gibson category tho lol

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