Stay Safe! 8 States With the Biggest Homeless Population

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3. Maine

As part of a strategy to distribute overcrowded shelters that presented a high risk of transmission during the pandemic, Maine obtained government assistance to help house a growing unhoused population in hotels.

Unfortunately, most hotel rooms and shelters only offer short-term accommodations and do not offer lasting alternatives. Numerous homeless people were compelled to stay longer in shelters and other transitional homes due to the escalating expense of long-term housing and its limited availability.

4. Virginia

Virginia had a rise in the number of house losses and court appearances by those fighting evictions when the pandemic’s eviction moratorium expired in June 2022. Many homeless people were forced to either find new accommodations or return to the streets as pandemic-related funding for transitory hotel housing for them was cut off.

In some areas of the state, where there are hundreds of people on waitlists to get into some facilities, a lack of room in emergency shelters is a persistent problem.

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18 thoughts on “Stay Safe! 8 States With the Biggest Homeless Population”

  1. Joe Biden found millions and billions of dollars for illegal immigration, the war in Ukraine, and Israeli and Hamas war. Somehow there’s no money to take care of U.S. Citizens born and raised in this county, tax payers. Strange how tax dollars get spent on useless political wars and illegal immigration but not spent on U.S. Citizens in need of financial and housing assistance. This is done by design. The rich doesn’t care about no one but the rich while the poor gets looked over. Don’t blame it on the pandemic. Blame the president, the senate and congress and state governments. Thank you

  2. Think a lot of the homelessness can be traced to drug addiction. California allows drug centers to shoot up and use drugs. Enable. We have the border adding to the problem. And the marijuana. Marijuana kills brain cells. Just like bad food, or similar. You put something in your body that is bad, it screws your body, and in this case, mind. Since the majority of lawmakers are just bureaucrats, politicians, Big PHARMA, the money off of this, is more important then the health of people. Just as candy, fast food, alcohol, and others destroy the body and mind. Like bad politicians, they are not good decision makers. Far to many examples. They run their mouth like these things are so good, the results are devastating to the user, but family and society. Big government could use their bad decisions, and wasteful spending, but it appears they have no backbone, as witnessed by their continued failures. People in general, and donors, and hateful bureaucrats, lobbyists, should be kicked out, and not voted for. Open treatment centers, more shelters, and stop being so stupid. Add the surge of illegal immigrants by the millions, and add to the problem. Other Presidents could have helped, but did not. The Biden administration just added more bad policies in many areas of need. Socialist, Marxist, and Communism are more important then actually helping people. Bad leadership must stop. Fire and vote out bad apples. They do that in the business sector. Failed leadership in the business world leads to closing businesses, and destroying society. On the bigger scale, the President, here and other countries, can start a war, cause out of control spending, and ruin people’s lives. Be a thinker, not a stinker.

  3. Give power back to the police jet them do their jobs and arrest them kick every illegal out of our nation get the democrats out of the White House they are destroying our nation become energy independent again slash inflation and take all of our farmland back from China have more mental hospitals have more drug and alcohol centers take care of our veterans and make housing affordable Joe Biden and the democrats have torn our country apart also remove the squad from office and declare antifa and BLM domestic terrorists groups and finally close our borders

  4. Our Country USA and Government and being the richest in the world
    has no excuse to not help Americans keep a roof over their head .
    We spend far to much helping non Americans, when we should be
    providing for our American Citizens.
    I am disheartened by this it is not the American spirit.

  5. California was bad too. Saw it on last trip. People sleeping in tents or under trees by the interstate. Been there many times, but was really shocked how many stores were closed, and by the amount of people sleeping in tents by the closed stores. And a lot of them were by the Coronado Hotel. It was really sad.

  6. I think homeless should look to family for help first then get a job (there are a lot of them available) save a down payment) and charge their life.Most important finish high school and if married or living with someone don’t have children until you have changed your life. We make it way to easy for people not to work. Hand outs don’t save the problem. Don’t say a lot are vets that’s what va is for

  7. Encourage local and government agencies to build more housing for lower mid class persons, reduce paperwork and waiting times, reduce strict income limits. build them on all one level or include elevator access for the disabled
    We have been waiting in Vermont over 3 years to get into sub low cost housing for disabled and seniors. but with Increase in S.S cost of living raise it put us just over $20.00 limit. but most apartments are 2 or3 story and we are disabled and can not climb steps. So we are struggling in preventing homelessness ourselves.
    VERMONT in NORTHFIELD area Is in DIRE BAD SITUATIONs and definitely need more low cost governmental senior housing! please hurry and build more apartments in this area

  8. Absolutely; Simply deport the illegals. Do it right or don’t come. Declare WAR on the Mexican Cartels and the Biden Crime Family Syndicate.

  9. The homeless don’t matter to the democrats, they got a hole new set of votes from the illegals cause the democrats are paying their way to live here for free. It’s called pay for votes or fixing the elections. Our own born and living here don’t all vote democrats so they needed a new set of voters and their using our tax dollars to pay for them. Saw on a TV interview where they asked illegals who their voting for and everyone of them said Biden. Looks like the democrats got new Nigers for the white masters, and the rest of us are on the dark side now. So illegals now vote in our elections ??? And illegally ??? And no one seems to care. I say the democrats crossed that line on that one. What say you, who are outside in the dark. Did the democrats to far now ??? We really need to MAGA, or lose everything to the democrats and their illegals.

  10. the only way to HELP THE HOMELESS situations is to build housing (small homes apartments ect.) in each the states. Make sure it is governed with officials to assure that the problem is not DRUGS, ALCOHOL, ECT and could start small business especially for them. This is a lot better than the spending of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for a temporary solution.

  11. Lorraine D Sheaffer

    This article is sad .But you left out one of the biggest reasons homeless is on the rise. DRUGS and illegals. And there are no more Manufacturing jobs for people without college degrees who can make a decent living. What happened to the state mental hospitals.They closed them down in the my opinion all the above need to be corrected.

  12. wow! there is no mention of the fact that homelessness is fueled by rampant illegal migrants!!! Millions are entering the US with no job, no cash, and no skill. Wheverever they land- they become homeless

  13. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is no better. The homeless sleep on the sidewalks in downtown during the day and night. COVID was just a excuse to make the rich get richer and the needy become needier.

  14. Much of the homeless problem is drugs and mental instability. Just giving more homes to more addicts is not the solution. Every person claiming to be homeless should be registered for assistance and be forced to become drug free. Employment assistance should be part of the program. Free housing, drugs and sex partners is not the answer

  15. No one wants to be “homeleas” it is a misfortune to fall into a situation as such. With the high-priced housing, and even though unemployment I believe might be at a lowest point, it is very hard and difficult to get back to normality.
    The US helps half the world when ever help is needed, the US government, state governments must do all it is possible to create housing for those misfortune people. Set aside a low percentage of taxes collected at federal.and state levels to be able to accomplish help to those in need.

  16. You missed two of the worst, California and New York, why? I am a native California and have watched these problems multiply for the last 70 year and Cal. has spent millions on homelessness and it’s only become worse. It seems we are the drug and needle “Capitol” and it’s only getting worse; plus many of these folks are mentally ill. It seems to me a state as large as these two states should be controlling these issues not making them worse.
    We are closing down prisons in Cal. and have several empty State/County buildings why not convert and use these for housing these folks where you could have on site medical and feeding facilities. It would get them off the street. Just a thoght
    Just a thought.

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