5 Dangerous US Airlines With the Most Crashes

airplane crash
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5. Southwest Airlines

Did you know which airlines are the most appreciated in the world? It seems like Southwest Airlines is one of them, thanks to its hospitality at 121 airports across 11 nations.

This company was also one of the airlines that managed the 3 mishaps it had, and during one of them, it had only one fatality. What’s also impressive about them is that they haven’t had any accidents in the last 50 years.

What can we say? They surely deserve to be one of the most popular and admired companies in the world. Good job, Southwest Airlines! You rock!

4. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is an American company that has more than 200 million customers every year, and it’s known for always thinking about innovation and reliability.

However, accidents can always happen, even if you’re prepared for them, and that was also the case with Delta Air Lines. The company had 7 accidents in the last 50 years, and their worst one was in 2006 when no less than 50 people were killed by the impact.

After those terrifying events, this company worked very hard to upgrade its safety measures, and they succeeded. They always want to make sure that both the crew members and the passengers feel safe, so they constantly deploy smart safety technologies as well as strict training for pilots and staff.

3. United Airlines

After it merged with Continental Airlines in 2010, United Airlines became the third-largest airline company globally. It operates an impressive domestic and international route network that approaches cities and small towns in the entire United States, as well as the 6 settled continents.

Throughout the years, United Airlines had 7 accidents in which 288 people lost their lives. Just like with American Airlines (which we’ll discuss in a few minutes), 2 of their airplanes were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks in September 2001.

According to different data, this puts United Airlines in 6th place on the worldwide list that gathered the airlines with the most air crashes.

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