Looking for a Car? Skip These 6 Ones (They’re Deadly)!

Toyota Corolla
Photo by Roman Korotkov from shutterstock.com

2. Toyota Corolla

Toyota was considered one of Japan’s biggest automobile manufacturers, and many American citizens loved them for their affordable, fuel-efficient, and solid cars.

One of Toyota’s most popular vehicles, the Corolla, was released in the US in 1968, and many people quickly purchased one. Since its debut in 1966, there have been over 50,000,000 Corollas sold across the entire globe.

However, as good as this car might be, it’s still on our list of the most dangerous ones due to its popularity. For instance, experts reported no less than 3,430 fatal accidents between 2014 and 2018, which can be concerning for someone who’s looking for a new car.

But before you decide to say yes or no to a vehicle, don’t forget to check it for safety, impact, and comfort. Not all accidents happen because of a car, and there are many other factors that play a role too, so make sure you’re always safe.

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7 thoughts on “Looking for a Car? Skip These 6 Ones (They’re Deadly)!”

  1. Roselynn J Woolf

    My husband drives a diesel 2500 Dodge Ram with a crew cab and a shorter bed. He’s had the truck when he purchased it new in 2004, now it has over 500,000+ miles and it is still running strong today. He purchased it to pull our 2700 ft 5th wheel, complete with a 10 ft garage, that can carry a Smart Car in it. We know this because our good friend has driven his Smart Car up into the drive way ramp at the back of our trailer. It can also be a toy hauler and has an extra queen bed that comes down from the ceiling of garage. It can sleep 10.

  2. Need to consider the total of these auto on road to those involved in fatal accidents. This is bad information once again.

  3. Anthony christifulli

    the worst car i every had was a 2002 t-bird . own it for 13 years the last year i own the repairs cost was $12000.00 and it had only 85000 miles on it .trade in value on a mercedes was only $8600.00

  4. I enjoyed your article about unsafe vehicles. I do have a 2004 Ford Explorer, that I bought new in May of that year. I believe that way too many unnecessary vehicle deaths are caused because of government regulations.
    CAFE standards are way too strict for car manufactures to make a safe vehicle. I don’t have a safe feeling driving a vehicle made out of plastic,aluminum, & rubber just for better gas mileage. Unreasonable restrictions on the weight and gas mileage for vehicles do not add up for manufacturing safe vehicles. As they say, “You Can’t Your Cake and Eat It Too”

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