6 Most Dangerous Movie Sets Ever Made

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“Roar” (1981)

This movie is about Hedren and her three children (including her real daughter Melanie Griffith) returning to visit their husband and father, only to discover that those wild animals have gone very wild.

The shooting was horrible and all those animal attacks were very real and captured on film. For example, Hedren was bitten in the neck by a lion, and he later needed 38 stitches. Griffith was also heavily attacked, needing 50 stitches to the face.

“Twilight Zone: The Movie” (1983)

This movie completely changed Hollywood forever, but in the wrong way. The movie is an anthology of the classic sci-fi that was forever ruined, as a helicopter accident occurred, leading to the death of the actor Vic Morrow and two child actors, who were later discovered to have been working completely illegally.

The accident took place when pyrotechnics got too close to the in-flight chopper, which caused the pilot to make a crash landing. Unfortunately, Morrow and the Vietnamese children were instantly killed.

The director of the movie and the members were acquitted of manslaughter, and even if no one was culpable for those deaths, the accident lead to more safety-related precautions on movie sets.

“The Passion of The Christ” (2004)

You can’t play the Son of God like you would do any other character. Mel Gibson repeatedly warned Jim Caviezel that playing Jesus in “The Passion of The Christ” will have a great impact on his career, but he couldn’t foresee how much damage it did to his health, too.

Caviezel had to go through many torture scenes: he was whipped twice by accident, which eventually left a big scar on his back, he heavily dislocated his shoulder, he suffered from hypothermia while filming in Italy, and he was ALSO struck by lightning.

On top of that, he had to go through heart surgery when it all finished.

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