Could We Survive a Nuclear War? Here’s What Experts Say

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…Have you ever wondered if humans could survive a nuclear war?

The war Ukrainian citizens have with Russia is no longer brand new information. We all know that the world suddenly changed since Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Thousands of people have died since that day and we have no idea when it’s going to stop or in what conditions it will stop.

Ukraine is not part of NATO, as much as they tried to, and countries all over the world couldn’t help them with human resources, only with war weapons. If a country decides to enter the conflict and fight alongside Ukrainians, Russia will think that it is being attacked, and the war could easily turn against NATO.

Speaking of that, Vladimir Putin publicly said that he is not afraid to use nuclear bombs if he believes that he or his country is attacked by NATO. Could you imagine the disastrous consequences?

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1 thought on “Could We Survive a Nuclear War? Here’s What Experts Say”

  1. If the Nuc’s fell from the sky, you can be pretty sure your life on this planet is just about over. I have heard all sorts saying they would go underground, but for how long, to survive. Well, that’s all and good but you have to come out from that soil some time and most will agree that even if the air was breathable your food source would have vanished or ungrowable from fallout. I myself would rather just watch the biggest fireworks display ever seen to mankind and then die quickly as the fallout pummels me other than being a grounder! Gotta die sometime so I prefer the fast way from the storm.

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