Could We Survive a Nuclear War? Here’s What Experts Say

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How many nuclear bombs does every country have?

Russia is not the only country that has nuclear bombs, and if the conflict escalates to such a huge level that they’ll start using nuclear weapons, many regions could be easily eradicated for good.

Humans haven’t seen the tragic effects of such a powerful weapon since World War II, when the United States of America and Japan were still fighting, although the war in Europe was already over.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked by 2 nuclear bombs, called Little Boy and Fat Man, which destroyed the cities, immediately killed a lot of people, and severely wounded the population with their strong quantities of radiation.

As you can imagine, the consequences were so devastating that those who were hurt died a few weeks or months later. To better understand the situation we’re in, here is the exact number of how many nuclear bombs countries have:

  • Russia: 6257;
  • United States of America: 5550;
  • China: 350;
  • France: 290;
  • United Kingdom: 225;
  • Pakistan: 165;
  • India: 156;
  • Israel: 90;
  • North Korea: 40-50.
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1 thought on “Could We Survive a Nuclear War? Here’s What Experts Say”

  1. If the Nuc’s fell from the sky, you can be pretty sure your life on this planet is just about over. I have heard all sorts saying they would go underground, but for how long, to survive. Well, that’s all and good but you have to come out from that soil some time and most will agree that even if the air was breathable your food source would have vanished or ungrowable from fallout. I myself would rather just watch the biggest fireworks display ever seen to mankind and then die quickly as the fallout pummels me other than being a grounder! Gotta die sometime so I prefer the fast way from the storm.

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