Could We Survive a Nuclear War? Here’s What Experts Say

Nuclear Bomb
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The study didn’t give a potential number of deaths, but it is estimated that it would be between tens and hundreds of millions. A scenario like this would also imply a lot of planetary side effects, such as firestorms, an immediate and massive Earth temperature drop, and a huge impact on food production.

If people didn’t die due to the explosives driven by nuclear energy, they surely would have because of radiation, starvation, and the combination of cooling and enhanced UV rays. As you can imagine, no proper temperature means that people couldn’t be able to plant cereals, fruits, and vegetables, and the whole food industry wouldn’t exist anymore. Experts say that things like these could easily trigger a global nuclear famine, and we wouldn’t be prepared for this to actually happen.

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1 thought on “Could We Survive a Nuclear War? Here’s What Experts Say”

  1. If the Nuc’s fell from the sky, you can be pretty sure your life on this planet is just about over. I have heard all sorts saying they would go underground, but for how long, to survive. Well, that’s all and good but you have to come out from that soil some time and most will agree that even if the air was breathable your food source would have vanished or ungrowable from fallout. I myself would rather just watch the biggest fireworks display ever seen to mankind and then die quickly as the fallout pummels me other than being a grounder! Gotta die sometime so I prefer the fast way from the storm.

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