Top 12 Most Violent States to Live in The US

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As recent data has shown, states that opted for stricter gun laws, like California, Hawaii, New York, and Massachusetts, usually experience lower firearm mortality rates. Even if it’s often hard to properly measure the impact local regulations actually have on gun violence, we can certainly say according to available evidence that gun regulations have a great impact on overall gun mortality rates.

As George Tita, Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law & Society School of Social Ecology at the University of California, the evidence shows that if you take the firearm out of the hands of an individual that’s in distress, or might have committed an act of domestic intimate partner violence, you’ll realize that those laws can actually save lives.

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26 thoughts on “Top 12 Most Violent States to Live in The US”

    1. SensiblePerson

      More deaths per capita in gun- worshipping states. Them’s the facts. Ironic how the so called Christians feel the need to have so many guns. Not too New Testament, are you all?

      1. Right bear arms to defend one’s self and protect ext against criminals who have guns.The second amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.Guns aren’t the problem ,criminals are!

        1. Wrong! the 2nt amendment doesn’t give us our rights it limits the power of government to take away our god given rights are called “unalienable rights”. Too many think our constitution gives us our rights and that is what government wants us to think.———-I, Grampa

    2. Despite the high rate in one of the countries largest cities, the rate for the state is not in the top 12. I suspect with the great loosening of gun laws in Florida, Florida will easily make its was into the top 10 in gun related deaths.

    3. My thoughts, exactly. Chicago, alone, has daily numbers much higher than any other city or state. Another leftist “study” to try to “prove” that lax gun control is not working. They want the citizens to be unprotected while the criminals can run rampant. I’m glad I like in an open carry state and can feel comfortable in my rural home against the criminal elements. I live close to the border and we have a break-in and theft problem in our area, often as the illegals are passing through and helping themselves to whatever they can get their hands on. Between my “early warning system” (4 large, barking dogs) and my ability to have a gun to prevent harm to myself or my property, I feel much more comfortable than I would if unable to protect myself from the crime we have in our little town. Where I live, it can take many minutes (or more) for the sheriff patrol to get here. I surely don’t want to EVER have to use my firearms and hope they can be a deterrent. If the criminals believed we were all unarmed and unprotected, there would surely be far more crime in our area, city, and state.

  1. What in the hell does the CDC have to do with guns. Not a dam thing. They can’t even report covid. Giving them something they know nothing about is loke telling me to build a house.

    1. Deaths are reported in the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality, so the CDC has the onus of reporting Gun Deaths. They may however, not be the only agency reporting fire arm caused deaths.

  2. There is a common thread between addicts and it is called DENIAL(Dont even know I am lying). Some people are addicted to guns in this Country to the extent that they will mask, disguise, justify and rationalize the reason or reasons for owning and carrying guns. Especially high powered guns that are meant for wars. WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES. I have said this long time ago, if drug dealers can form a voting block, all these drugs that we deemed illegal will be legalized , our politicians are more corrupt than we can imagine. Pay them (both Demo and Republicans) and they will pass and support any bill. If you live in this country and you don’t see that we have Major problem with guns , something is wrong with your thinking. When second amendment was written the situation was different then than the situation now. There were no shootings in Churches, Classrooms, movie houses, drive by. Maybe, we are too comfortable with this second amendment and we should rethink our thinking. The common denominator between all these killings is guns especially high powered guns. If it quacks like a duck , it is a duck. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

    1. My wifes country of Laos have no deaths due to guns. But, they do have horrendous deaths due to very sharp knives. Should they outlaw sharp knives? Just sayin. Its not the guns that kill. It is people.

    2. One point is correct, there were no shootings in churches and schools when the second amendment was written because every male over a certain age was armed and there were no gun free zones to provide would be shooters with resistance free killing fields. Even up to the early 1960s many schools had rifle teams that shot competitively. and no mass shootings. The problem is not the guns, and I will state now, I have never owned a gun. It is the fact that people have no respect for human life, and are raised without fear of consequences for their actions.
      The big scary “high powered” won’t kill you any deader than a .67cal Brown Betty musket or flintlock pistol of similar caliber. The recent assassination of the former Japanese prime minister proved that. In a country that has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.
      The current president is fond of alluding to the fact, that when the second amendment was passed that all the populace had were the afore mentioned muskets and flintlock pistols, which is true however what he fails to mention is that those at the time were the state of the art and anyone they might have to face were equipped in the same fashion. be they a lone highwayman or the representatives of an oppressive and corrupt government.

  3. Idiot! What is gun violence? Are car crashes automobile violence? Does anyone have the guts to call the millions of deaths caused by the jab “Vax violence?” Are the thousands of injuries caused by falling from ladders and roofs called “ladder violence?” Of course not, because when it comes to anything inanimate except guns, most people have enough fricking common sense to realize that in all the above, the real cause is the “human element.” Cars have drivers, guns have operators, ladders have people who place them stupidly, and don’t secure them properly, and the jab is known by any informed and thinking human being to cause injury and death. Jabs don’t happen unless an ignorant or intentionally malicious person administers them, and the recipient has the final choice to take it or leave it. Has the world become so impossibly “woke” as to accept outright BS in light of common sense and facts showing otherwise?

    Which is the party that hates God? Which party of communistic, atheistic, fools have demanded that Jesus Christ be scrubbed from our schools, places of business and yes, now our churches? What entity steps in when God is removed? Do you rocket scientists understand why the worship of Satan and evil has exploded in the last 5 years? Have any of you deep thinkers taken time to read Jonathan Cahn’s Return of the Gods? More importantly, have you ever read the Bible, prayed or attended church? Millions of us have and do!

    What could be more insulting and foolish to half of the population of this once great country than having the party of the Godless scream, rant and pound podiums as the blame Republicans and Christians and the NRA for the ever increasing crime in the world. How fitting the lie from the father of lies! We now live in an Era, one likely to be the last Era where Satan and his evil influence have more power than ever before. These deceived and blind people blame good for evil and evil for good. The very policies; abortion, the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ lifestyle, rampant drugs, drag shows, killing of our energy sources, wide open borders, cheating our election system, boldface lying at every press conference, failing to prosecute crime and so much more of this current “world order” is why people have become animals and kill with abandonment. Then they have the absolute timidity to blame inanimate objects for Society’s ills. Hey leftists, look in the mirror and you’ll see the root cause of our demise!

    1. So wrong. So illogical. So hypocritical. So …stupid.
      Cars have been made safer over the decades. Laws to prevent drunk driving enforced. And so on.
      What has our country done to make guns safer or regulate who gets them? Hardly anything. Why not trigger finger print ID like we have on phones so the toddler can’t shoot himself? Why such lax laws for the parents who leave the gun out on the table? If your kid drives your car and hurts someone you would be sued too. If your kid was hurt by a car you would sue the car company, it is done all the time. . Why can’t we sue the gun manufacturers? Oh yeah, you NRA nuts pay the GQP Congress to keep it that way.
      There are more gun deaths per capita in gun- worshipping states. And the so called Christians who live there are gonna be damned to hell for their worship of their idol— guns.

    2. correctly stated on everything. This country went on the down slope when it started to eliminate God from everything, consequently God started withdrawing His Sprite. Evil abounds and things are getting more and more evil as we speak and the Bible states as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end of the age. Soon all will stand before God and answer for our sins. This article is slanted toward the gun controllers agenda deaths reported are not separating the deaths that were caused by law abiding people defending them selves as well as police deaths protecting the law abiding citizen. Why was Chicago left out of the mix? one of the worst citys in the nation for gun violence. Take away all guns! never happen The second amendment was written for the specific reason that a defenseless citizenry is a controllable citizenry , so if you like Marxism soldier on. Of course the only law you can add to our current gun laws is confiscation. Why not just make crime illegal and be done with it.


  4. Our city of New Orleans has never been non violet . As young person that like to have fun we knew where not to go . You learn this very early from you parent that loved going to New Orleans for staycation(mini vacation). Cosmetic companies trained a lot of us there. On our off hours we knew to be very careful , watch your back.

  5. It is not the gun that does the shooting……it is the person (who is most likely mentally ill) that does. We need tougher background checks. When the state is doing a background check of a person wanting to buy a gun…they need to run and extensive mental health background. HIPPA has to allow this or these shootings won’t stop. Taking away our guns/protection is not the answer. The answer is HIPPA letting us know is someone is mentally ill so stores DO NOT sell them guns. It isn’t rocket science….it is all common sense.

  6. The Democrate have let criminals free to attack citizens ! We need protection while Biden and his leaders destroy our economy criminal are set loose on us. We need to protect people have the nerve to tell us they are the problem? from dangers! America needs their guns those that have them. Illegals are invading us, cartel killing us.. All because of Democrate leaders. Human trafficking, the list is endless. Why are they doing all of this evil to us.?Most of these cities are Democratic aren’t they. Send prisoners there where they will feel at home.

  7. People can buy any type of fire power on the streets only register people have they rights taken away. Get off your high horse what colors do you see shooting killing ,breaking, and burning, things attack reg people living their little life.
    Until they are shot stabbed in the streets . Look at these city. Total un protected? Stop trying to scare regular people with you BS. Write about preventing this, These city deserve what they get as long as they vote for leaders like we have now. Write something helpful you guys are just fear mongers all the time FIX THE CRIME. But. I know you guys can’t help us ! in anyway.but we are not the bad guys.

  8. They shoot up 25-30 people a weekend here in Chicago. We have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, which makes it so that only the bad guys get the guns. If I was a bad guy, Chicago’s laws would fit my business model, which is why gun laws don’t do anything but help the criminals here.

  9. Hogwash! ILLinois has a low rating of gun violence? You mean that crime and violence capitol, Chicago, isn’t in ILLinois anymore?

    Here’s a NEW take for ya—How about states where hunting is widely practiced have the most “gun violence”?

    It’s not that big of a step from blasting the life out of innocent animals to blasting the life out of humans. The blood flows the same.

    Sorry—your theory about gun laws FAILS MISERABLY! Just more shoddy propaganda!

    These words of wisdom—another gift from that sage—Feral Tomm

  10. Fix the crime problem and then maybe someone will listen to the gun grabbers? If you don’t have a solution to the criminal problem you have nothing to say. And the liberals don’t have any solutions to anything except tyranny.

  11. Read the words of the statement. They say in the last line that contains the qualifier “the available evidence”!!! not the evidence still suppressed or published that shows that normal citizens who carry guns often save lives by using a firearm. Next, gun laws have a great impact on gun deaths. Well, how can you prove a negative? Just how many were saved? You can’t prove that.—- I, Grampa

  12. deaths that include all shot by law officers and drug dealers who try to cross the border as well as gang-related deaths. Hell they even include hunting season deaths by people that shoot themselves . How then is it accurate to calculate gun deaths.?—- I, Grampa

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