Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say

Which are the 6 U.S. cities most likely to be attacked in case of a nuclear war?

Nuclear Bomb
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The disaster that nobody is prepared for: a nuclear bomb striking the U.S. Although this is very unlikely to happen, specialists do not take it out of the equation. The unstable political situation between the U.S. and North Korea, but Russia as well, represents a real threat to our country, so here you can find the 6 most likely cities to be directly affected.

Given the context, many of us believed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would be over by now. But surprisingly enough, Ukraine has put up a huge fight against its opponent. Because many countries stand with Ukraine and are against war, including the U.S., Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has become more and more aggressive and is threatening those who take action in this conflict.

With Ukraine not being part of NATO, there’s not much that can be done to help its army. However, multiple regions and companies have tried to help in other ways. For example, the U.S. and its companies have taken actions to destabilize Russia’s economy, in an attempt to stop the war. Such sanctions include: closing down stores in Russia, sending money, equipment, ammunition, and things that can help resist the invasion.

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148 thoughts on “Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say”

  1. If Ukraine falls to the Russia invasion, and it no doubt will, and has to concede to Russia’s demands, if the US and NATO does not intercede with with military power. The free world will have given Russia and all its allies control over the entire world. Right now Russia seems to have the free world, over a Nuclear Barrel, Russia has been threating the free world for 70 plus years of Nuclear destruction but the ironic fact is that Russia will suffer mass destruction also, no body wins. Maybe its time we stand up to Russia, talk tough like they do. the world is watching what the US is going to do. This is the hour of decision for the free world, if we do not help Ukraine now in victory over Russia, The US has just handed over our place as a world power to Russia and the free world, as we now enjoy is lost forever.

    1. Edmund, I must agree with you. As soon as Putin played the nuclear card the talking heads took a step back. I am as afraid of a Nuclear war, the same as everyone else, BUT if we continue to let this *** man continue to carry out his war crimes and thumb his noise at the world, NO one is safe. He must be stopped NOW with any means possible, and if that means a few people must die in the process, “the few out weight the needs of the many”, Spock. Then it is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. And how do think we should do that? Because im pretty sure if we accelerate the our stance he will bomb us! So no let’s not do that somebody needs to help call for peace and ceasefire instead of escalate 😁

    2. We do not have the president in place to resolve this issue. I think we are going to reap the consequences because of it.

      1. Trump is Putin’s pushover. Trump wanted us out of NATO, this would have handed Ukraine to Putin on a silver platter. At least Biden has organized the NATO allies to stand up to Putin. I’m hoping Putins Nukes are DUDS like him! The safe, free world doesn’t need Putin or tRUMP!

      2. Conscientiously….. Mr Biden it’s doing the Right thing with precautions to protect the American people and American land and infrastructures… .BUT YES.. We should fine a way to stop this action from PUTIN…. And it’s obviously looking for HIM INTO HIS GROUND….

    3. We should not escalate the Ukraine war into a nuclear conflict because:
      1. Both the US and Russia can be destroyed. But Russia is a poor country with no valuable infrastructure while NY, DC, San Francisco have a lot of population and valuable infrastructure.
      2. Ukraine is thousands of miles away from us, so there is no threat to the US. Besides, it used to be part of the USSR before it broke up in 1991.
      3. Putin only asked for Ukraine not to be admitted into NATO for stopping the invasion. It would be fool- hardy to risk a nuclear war, just for the sake of Ukraine’s NATO membership.
      4. I think Putin is not bluffing. We should stop processing Ukraine’s NATO membership now until such time as the political conditions become favorable.
      5. Risking the lives of Americans and the world’s largest economy for the sake of enabling Ukraine to exercise its rights to join NATO is not a wise idea.

      1. My fear is not Russia. They are blowing through their entire conventional miltary fighting in Ukraine right now, and Putin wants to end this as quick as possible to focus on getting a stronger footing back home, as the longer this goes on the more his grip on power will slup. I think what we really have to worry about is China who is taking notes right now about what worked and didn’t work in Ukraine and planning out their stretegy for Taiwan. They may be emboldened to skip fight over conventional threats and start talking nukes to stop us from supporting Taiwan.

      2. I think waiting anymore gives Putin to get more happens. Putin is an egomaniac. It’s crazy that he is a terrorist. Ryssland has always started a war. And now China and India and other communist countries will jump in. The Democrats are much of an old no-brainer. I hate to see us and other countries be under Putin tum. send in guys like Oliver North. He did what was needed and never talked about it. Our Delta forces know what to do. But the other militaries are not great trained. Dont take me wrong. I remember the story about Russia going to war with the Finns. Naturlig Russian did not see them. Because it was in the winter and the Finns were on skis and dressed in White. And at that time I guess that was about all of them 3 mill.The people in the North of Russia aren’t going to fight their friends.

      3. Courtney Hanner Hundrieser

        I completely agree with you. While I respect our initiative to help Ukraine and it’s democracy, I think that we are risking our country and putting us in danger by doing this. Putin is not bluffing. He is all in and so since he ain’t doing well in this war, he has no other choice but to risk it all for his legacy to not fail. So yes, we are at risk. Yes, he had already threatened nuclear so why should we put our country at risk? We are fools. We need to stay out of it. By supplying money and weapons we are contributing to death over there. We need to stay out. In the end, it’s between them and God what they do.

      4. This is the worst thing we could do as a country.
        Obviously, you are forgetting what happened when we took this approach to Nazi Germany we try to stay out of the war and look what happened, do not let history be repeated!!

      5. Latisha M Oliver

        I agree but the bullies USA want everything and at the cost of innocent people . Get right with god is all i can say. This is about good and evil

    4. I believe that is exactly what the USA is doing now by sending long range missiles to Ukraine and other equipment like drones. Ukraine has had a few donations of fighter jets from wealthy individuals and ultimately could use more of everything: ammo, guns, drones, ect… and hopefully the supply of defensive materials will continue to expel Russia back to their borders. Russia has arrogant Putin who feels none of us have the right to exist and he is a delusional idiot that needs to be eradicated from planet Earth as so many of these dictators across the globe. But we can handle one at a time. Forever the world can’t afford to back down with the constant barrage of aggressive behaviors coming from Russia that are inexplicable and devastating causing destruction and instability across the world. The main aim of Russia is to pounce on any country to try and create an Empire in these troubling times with COVID and other diseases appearing at our doorstep. The only solution is to apply pressure to Russia to stop the conflict and go home. They don’t have a chance at a normal economy anymore and Putin has destroyed his own people’s lives. Nuclear war is like you said a NO WIN situation for everyone.

      1. There is no amount of pressure you can put on Russia to end the war and go home as long as Putin is in power because Putin is delusional. The only way the war will end is if Putin is assassinated.

    5. I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s sad that the U.S. so far has backed down regardless because what does that already say about the U.S.? Theirs so much more that could have already been done to help Ukraine in my opinion. If the U.S. backs down even a little bit that says a lot about the U.S. period. If the U.S. is what it says they are then why not stand up for Ukraine now? I completely understand that it may cause issues or become worse as a result but if you think about it, a huge real war is more than like the outcome regardless in the end no matter what so why not step up for Ukraine now? World War III I believe is inevitable anyways so why not stand up now for those who are going through this massive devastation?
      Again, just my opinion!

      1. Our poor leadership is what encouraged Putin to go against Ukraine, I’m sure that if Trump had been in power this would never have happened but the people who elected this wimp and his useless second-in-command did so because they believed the lies the democrats put through their friends in the media… which all are now being proved as being lies. We have NO BUSINESS in that war not bending over backward to allow a dictatorship to join NATO. I spent 23 years in the military to serve this nation and if I was needed I would serve again but I can tell you this, I wouldn’t follow these fools in Washington to put out a fire across my town. Perhaps, if Ukraine hadn’t created the labs that Hunter Biden helped finance to create chemical and biological weapons to be used against Russia this wouldn’t be happening, have you thought about that?

      2. Amen to that the the best comment I read God is the only thing that can fix this now or help us is the # 1 leader I’d God

    6. Hi, please document yourself thoroughly. It was the U.S. who first dropped two atomic bombs in Japan, namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As per the Russia – Ukraine war, for 20 years Russia have been telling the U.S. and NATO not to move to the Russian border after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Washington did the opposite. Because Washington NEVER signed the Treaty of Rome, it gives Washington the freedom to attack and invade any Country who disagree with U.S. Foreign Policy. Even Donald Trump said, while POTUS, that any Country who would lead the U.S. in Trade, Technology and Militarily, that Washington reserves its right to attack and invade them. If Washington ever signed the Treaty of Rome, the U.S. would had to obey the U.N. Security Council’s decision before attacking and invading unilaterally and arbitrarily any Country. The real reason for Russia to attack Ukraine (I am against the attack, fyi), it is because Ukraine has huge reserves of rare materials that are needed in different Industries. Just that you know, the U.S. Contractors of the Department of Defense (Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman among others, are the cash cow of Washington and this is what any POTUS would do, to keep enriching them. The largest stockholder of Lockheed-Martin is the former British Prime Minister’s husband. GREED IS EVERYTHING!

      1. Good luck convincing these propagandized fools of reality! How quickly they forget about fleeing from Afghanistan like cowards yet, they proclaim to be able to whoop russia now, while calling Putin delusional?

        The world knows who the delusional people are on this planet and they all point to the US population.

        DR. NORMAN LE, WA, USA

      3. Thank you!!!! Of all these inane Pavlov’s dogs responding. You actually injected some realities these empty programmed skulls can’t process. As far as being the land of the free? Only China and the so called West have lockdowns. People are sheep. Ukraine is and has been a sewer of a country for 100s of years. They’ve played footsie with the Nazis for the last 90 years. Of course now apparently Nazis are okay according to our Congress just not Confederate statues.

      4. What right does Putin have to tell his SOVEREIGN neighbor countries what organization they can or cannot join? America is NOT NATO but we DID block Ukraine from becoming a member.

    7. Screw Ukraine. Not the Uke people. They’re just people like us. But per boots on the ground, @ 30% of what we send them makes it to the troops. The rest is being sold on the black market, much to our enemies. In other words, the money laundering is still “business as usual” just like it was under barry soetoro. And the Ukrainian grubberment doesn’t care how many of their own people die as long as the U$ $$$ keeps flowing in. They can’t win this war. But they can sure get a lot of their innocents slaughtered while laundering money. And that sucks

      1. RP Custom Armaments

        Really? Where is your proof behind that statement? ALL of the military equipment we and our NATO allies have been supplying to Ukraine has been making it to the front lines, hence why the Ukrainian Army is currently pushing the Russian Army backwards.

    8. And, with the mumbling IDIOT now at the wheel? No way any strong talk will come from him, UNLESS it’s AGAINST The American People!

      1. I would rather have a President who mumbles, as opposed to a self serving one. At least Biden has the people of United States in mind . He’s not trying to get some trash on someone, before he helps people who need help. I’m not here to argue about our political system, while others are dying to save their own country. I don’t understand how smart people can’t see thru the Kool-Aid? God Bless America!

    9. If the world is watching what USA will do, then God help them, cause we certainly won’t. No balls Biden can’t even decide what he wants for breakfast! Show that fool a blank map and he can’t even point to Russia. Neither can 25% of civil Americans! We are the most overly pompous, ignorant nation in the world, and we have an ignoramus “leading” us!

    10. What if…everything you think is wrong? What if, it’s the total opposite? I’m an American, love our country…I do not like the major change in our country’s attitudinal shift since the 1940’s. The USA is no longer a ‘free’ nation. With the massive growth in the central government, the Federal Reserve, and our economy being a fiat economy…we no longer have freedom. And, as we continue to have freedoms removed by each manufactured crisis, America is looking more and more like a totalitarian state. Honestly, America can’t even operate a free election.

    11. Nonsense.
      This whole conflict could have been avoided had the “West” which in this case is US and Brittan agreed to make the Ukraine a “Neutral”- not aligned- place. It will turn “nuclear” only if US and GB forces officially enter this war which Russia will win since it is not accepting another solution.
      Not only did Putin miscalculate, but so will the NEOCONS who run US foreign politics have miscalculated. I am just sorry for all the innocent people on both sides who have become victims of this senseless political game and our children who, if they survive, will have to live with the consequences of failed politics

    12. When you write “the free world” you mean US, GB, AU, CAN and a few European Countries.
      The rest of the world (about 75%) is not part of this. Think about this- if you can.

    13. So far the help that Ucraine has received is mostly defensive they are getting bombarded on a daily basis Russia is not feeling the destruction that Ucraine is maybe it’s time to give Ucraine the capability to be more aggressive.

  2. Take Biden out of office put Trump back in as president Putin will back down, demacates steal and apologies for being stupid and want to blame economy on every thing else they need to look in the mirror to see what is wrong!!!

    1. Spoken like another dumb Trump supporter who is so blind he refuses to see that Trump is not the answer to anything and to be honest he’s a large part of the problem. Republicans and Democrats both need to pay attention to who the hell we are putting in office. I mean look at our choices in 2020, a morally bankrupt, corrupt, lier with the pompous self-indulgence of a narcissistic sociopath who wanted to be king. Trump is evil! and the other candidate a man whose threats sound as intimidating as a baby kitten, and half the time looks lost and confused like he does not understand what is going on and consistently says the wrong thing, I believe largely due to age, this is sadder than it is criminal. however just as. inexcusable Noone should be allowed to run the county past the age of 70. I am a lifelong democrat but, after the last several years of paying attention to the hypocrisy, lies, and back-peddling on both sides I’m voting strictly for who I believe the best candidate is regardless of party affiliation. There is a Republican who is considering running and if she does I would 100% support her nomination for president. Everyone needs to stop placing their loyalty in political parties and start looking at the individual’s past and present because nothing predicts future behavior like past events.

    2. No way! Trump views and admiring demagogue in Russia and North Korea is a danger to this country , sounds like you have forgotten already what happened on Jan6th2021. He should never run for office ever again!!!!

    3. Yes you’re so very right 100%, and the President that we have in the white house is being pulled by the strings by someone on his staff..

  3. john marucheau


    1. We do not need Trump in there again all he wants to do is fight with everyone he can, then we wonder why all this fighting is going on, as far as I am concerned they need to clean house on everyone in Office and have a age limit on serving.Trump taught our longer generation well as the more he lied and racked down how ever he could talk about the better he felt.We need a president that believes in the constitution of the United States.

  4. We will become familiar with the FARADAY radiation resistance which is available right now fort he last 10 years but not publicized. The main use now is for baby cribs. Even the modern room monitors are part of the lifelong culling procedure all from 5-G. Baby brain tumors called gioblastoma are at epidemic levels. The agenda of the DAVOS crowd is now being talked about openly. It has also been 10 years since FUKASHIMA disaster in Japan. The pacific fish supply has been poisoned making the OCEAN a cesspool. You only have to look at the colon malignancies and other cancers in the USA west coast from raw fish. The popularity of that product through mind manipulation is off the charts. The ATLANTIC does not have nearly the problem. The American embassies in CUBA and elsewhere were attacked with a mystery illness. EVERYTHING now is on the surface. There is so much more but start with this. The world is in trouble due to fanatical globalists since 1970 that was initiated with the first EARTH DAY.

  5. Biden won’t do anything ,our leaders are pussies to stand up to Russia,China n NK,War is never good but we can’t just sit back and wait for them to strike first.But here’s a hint to watch for,if Russia decides they wanna attack Israel you will know the last days are here,people may not believe in the bible,the antichrist etc etc but with this COVID and how things have been going with our rights,all the outpour of violence,and testing of the chip that goes in the palm or forehead,a war with Russia and Israel is one of the last signs we will see before the end. As a kid I’ve always heard horror stories about these things that are happening now,and we are finally seeing it come to pass

  6. The sick thing is we are always made to think the Russians are coming. ALL is BS to make us live under CONTROL. There can not be destruction. Disease, famine and pestulance are genocide norms of the past. WAR is always the most EVIL. Population control is the most evil. If only the death could be administered to those who cause these things. Be made to feel the fear.

    1. And all the over-the-hill Sabre Rattling, tough-talking “Bring it on” Vets get to see their grandchildren die while they and their cronies sit at the bar down at the VFW and the Legion, and watch the whole sickening thing go down on the TV while sharing a Beer and bragging about their long gone “Glory days”. I’ll take a rain check on that.

      1. had it not been for the vets and their ‘glory days’ u would be writing n german or japanese…think about that.

    2. yeah that’s the answer destroy the whole world. Then we would look like mars. Nobody would survive and if they did they would wish they were dead. U.S. NAVY VETERAN.

    3. You mean because the USA really whooped that third world country Afghanistan? Nope. They fled like cowards!

      Russia isn’t Afghanistan ya fool, besides the USA got whooped in Korea and Vietnam. Grenada is a bit more your speed. Ya finally won something after taking credit for Russia winning WW2.

  7. Judy Ann Kandel

    all you stated is much the way I feel as well, it is beyond me why NATO is just standing by yet, all I just as many others can do is pray that those at the helm militarily and in positions of power (other than our current president) make the right decisions before it is too late, because to let Ukraine fall after they have proven they are willing to fight for their freedom is making NATO out to be worthless in what it stands for. I said it in the beginning and will again say that I believe that each member of NATO needs to assign say 3 or 4 men and send them all in to take care of Putin, and they would be sworn to never disclose who took him out, I think the Russian people would thank us. No country could be blamed for doing it. I cannot say I want our country to go to war, but we cannot go without doing all that can be done to help others in need.

  8. Russia is the enemy of the world. It always has been and always will be. If they are not stopped in the Ukraine they will continue to harass and threaten.

    1. People, be realistic,Biden did not cause the war between Russia and Ukraine ,Putin is the culprit. If Americans stop using politics to decide us,and we join as one nation America as the power to buried Putin. Trump is a miniature of Putin and if he gets a second chance he as nothing to loose it would be his only term so he would take out all his revenge on the world. You all need to think very hard on letting this mad man get a second chance. Trump is for himself and helping himself, and his family. He instigated January 6th and made promises to his followers he would stand by them but where is he these people that was indicted are doing there time all alone, while he is still living big and free in Malago. Yes cost of living as risen gas is skyrocket. But Biden was not the cause of it all. All this was brewing while Trump was in charge, Biden took over and as given his best to deescaleted it but the Idots of Republicans as tied his hands so he looks bad .He as given Billions to Ukraine, billions in military weapons, but he is trying not to escalate world war 3 and not to be the cause of American involvement. You Trump idots need to be fair and realistic, When Biden was giving stimulus checks in everyone’s pocket no one refused. Everyone was happy, he got the nation vaccine, he pulls out gasoline reserves. and if the Republican senators would only stand by him we would be in a better position right now. But there family and their rich friends are not been affected. So you illiterate fools needs to cut the politics shit and look at the big picture and stop pointing fingers at the wrong person. Think if there is a nuclear war it is not only going to affect some, the entire world will be destroyed, only the power of the most high can save us. So stop thinking of Democrats and Republicans and think of the nation and tell the stupid Republican to untie Biden hands and join together as one and put this destructive dictator Putin down. Remember covid was around for a year. And we had no vaccine because our president said it was a hokes but he secretly was vaccinated.

  9. So which 6 cities are most at risk? Off the top of my head (and there could be more than 6): Omaha, NE; New York City, NY; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL, St Louis, MO; Wichita, KS; Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO; Cheyenne, WY; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Juneau, AL; Honolulu, HI. How many did I get? Who did I miss? The USA is about half and half morally corrupt and morally “righteous”. Although we have some “righteous” leaders, some are weak and compromised. How will the God of Heaven judge us? What will the tipping point be? We pray for His Mercy.

  10. “stay informed”? the EMP would take down ALL forms of E-communications and power. Fat chance on this unless you have an old, shielded AM battery powered radio where you can pick up distant broadcasts from outside the effected area. .

  11. This assumes a bomb like the one that was dropped on Hiroshima is used. They have weapons now that dwarf that bomb and can do way more damage to larger regions

  12. Using the Japanese nuclear bomb as an example is ludicrous. The nuclear devices that would strike American cities would be thousands of times more powerful. Multiply your casualty figures by 10 or more and you’ll still be underestimating. I’m a Radiological Health Physicist

  13. I recall “star wars” when our President reminded Russia that we could shoot down their nuclear missiles and they backed off. We had respect and peace until Obama traveled through the world apologizing for the US.

  14. Remember “star wars” ? Russia threatened the US with nuclear war, and our President reminded them that we would shoot down their missiles. There was no war thanks to a show of strength.

  15. California and Nevada would be exposed to the air winds carrying radiation coming from the Pacific Ocean if LA or SF were bombed. Leaving many people dying from radiation as well. Although Russia has many more nuclear weapons I think all of the cities and air force bases would be nuked as well.
    You forget that Alaska being across the ocean from Russia may also be nuked a lot since our
    counter US air forces are parked there as well. Hawaii would certainly be disintegrated as well since our Navy is stationed there. China may also take advantage of this war to heave their nuclear
    arsenal at us and the world as well.
    Of course the USA would heave all her submarine weapons and US nuclear arsenal at North Korea,
    and Russia and maybe if Nukes from China are detected to them as well. Don’t forget India,
    Pakistan, Israel, and Europe will launch their weapons as well because NATO will be bombed as well.
    So the END OF THE WORLD will it be because of one nuclear bomb ON UKRAINE!!!!

  16. This whole thing of a “Nuclear War”, is insane. If we consider how many countries on our planet have nuclear weapons, we begin to see the insanity. The United Nations must begin to charge any nation that has nuclear weapons a FINE. Any country that builds, harbors, detonates, has possession of should pay this fine. All moneys (From fines) should go to building a ” United Nations Army”. All member nations must supply 10,000 military subscription persons. This army should be a PEACEFUL army ready to respond to World Wide disasters. Weather inversions, Earth Quakes, Flooding, plagues, mass starvation, meteoric impacts, etc. Mankind must look forward to interplanetary colonization. Lets not destroy our Mother Earth. Lets put the aspiration of our planet into focus. One Planet One people. “People of The Planet Earth United”. Our real enemies, Sickness, Hunger, Racism, Poverty, Lack of Education, dwindling water resources, planetary pollution. A call to the “PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH”.

  17. Russia talks tough. If Russia pushes the “button” they might as well aim their missiles at themselves. Russia would be completely destroyed by the bombs coming from the US and NATO. Of course, the USA and its allies would experience catastrophic consequences as well. Putin knows that no one wins an all-out nuclear war. Many of his generals and other influential Russian individuals are not fans of launching nuclear strikes.

  18. I got news for you they’ve already taken control over the United States as China looks in the wings waiting for the right time to make the move because Biden is so weak so destructive to USA that we’re just lame duck sitting here waiting for China to make that move they already have by sending fentanyl over here to kill every American but yet the Americans over here are so blinded they know the leadership of this country is so weak they are just ready to take us over any point in time that they want we don’t even have any oil in our Federal Reserve to fight a war because President Biden has sold it all to China and putting it on the market to lower the prices to try to get a couple votes in the election as I speak right now gas prices are soaring again and he has no means to bring it down because there’s no more left in our strategic Reserve it’s sad how he’s destroying this country the man needs to go to prison he’s not a leader of the Free World he is a leader of the woke agenda I know that’s hard to hear but it’s is what it is so everybody better go out and buy a radiation suit because it’s about to happen unless we can get this man out of office immediately we cannot wait another 2 years this is what he wants he is the one that sabotage those pipelines they have footage of him saying it on the TV that they would take care of these pipelines and they would do whatever it took to do it and then they did it he wants to nuclear war he is a menace to society you better wake up people this is getting very real very fast and this is what this Administration wants to happen trust me this is where they’ve been leading our country from the very second day stepped into office why you think they doing nothing about the Fentanyl the president is only said the word one time in 2 years and people are dying every 30 seconds he don’t care about that why do you think he would care about a nuclear war people wake up wake up I don’t know how many times I can warn y’all and tell y’all you you better wake up

    1. Is the name Ruston Stogner a made up name for Trump the DUCK? It must be cause the words are pure Trump Republican party garbage.

    2. WAKE UP, WAKE UP???? and do what? Americans have been asleep with their eyes closed to their leaders until they came to the level of power that has captured them like sheep. The voting system and the so called freedoms people think they have, have never been real. What do you think happened to; for the people of the people and by the people?. LIES and more lies. The homo sapiens are a dumb ass people, and are without intelligence, their knowledge gatherers plain and simple. Nobody wins when their to blind to see the wall their heading into. Does anyone really believe humanity could be in this position if humans were intelligent?. Could intelligence do acts of unintelligence and be called intelligent?. The only; ” WAKE UP ” left to do is to know where humans are and that their NOT TO BLAME, for there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong, just INTELLIGENCE which humanity has not.

  19. Why do people think, that Russia’s nuclear capabilities are superior to that of NATO and if Putin threatens the Western World with the use of his nukes to win over the Ukraine, that we must immediately give in to him and back down. May be it is time we start threatening Putin by responding to his threat by mobilizing NATO’s and the Western World’s nuclear forces and let him know the immediate destruction Russia will encounter should he push the button. Or perhaps a well placed high caliber round would be more appropriate to rid mankind of a maniac with nuclear capabilities.

  20. According to our VP we are very close to North Korea and very good friends. She apparently has a problem distinguishing between borders.

  21. If this was to occur it is likely London, Berlin, Paris and other large European cities would also be hit. At that point, the combined nuclear arsenal of all NATO countries should be directed at Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Don’t let any of these countries survive. We can survive and we will re-build the country if it takes 50 years. Not so sure Russia and Iran can re-build, and I believe the Chinese will have a change of heart after suffering such a disaster.

    God bless the United States of America

  22. Countries have been solving problems by killing off each other for thousands of years. The young men are the ones who are sacrificed in wars that the leaders of certain countries start. They have been deprived of the right to grow to old age and enjoy the attributes of a fruitful life.
    We are living in the 21st century, and many years have passed. There have been wonderful discoveries and inventions to improve the quality and length of life for humans and other species that exist. And yet, the ability to respect each other and try to appreciate what has been done to preserve life so far has not changed the way humans solve sociological problems between countries.
    Why do humans create destructive weapons and tactics to destroy each other? We have a beautiful world that has been provided for the living. We know of no other world that has human beings and no other place to go if what we have is destroyed. Can’t we spend more time and money searching for ways to live in peace so the innocent ones don’t have to be sacrificed?

    1. I concur PEACE! Now, with that said. As long as Putin is leader, no one is safe. The man is just cruel, heartless, inhumane & doesn’t care that continually bombing Ukraine is & have killed innocent babies & kids. If someone knows & has no compassion for at least those innocent lives. That is pure evil & insanity. Now, I am of chose pro Ukraine & have been praying for a peaceful resolution. But I am also praying for Russia cause they to have innocent babies & kids there as well. This is a total disaster! No one is safe as long as the unstable regime of Putin is under Russia’s thumb. Who’s next after Ukraine? We are all sitting ducks I feel. Lord, help us all.
      And I also feel this is not Biden/Trump war on who would handle it better. Lord knows I don’t like Trump but to keep it 100, Biden has let my spirits down on some as the actions & reactions he has done. There is no ample leader. We just need world peace! If the world see that the most richest powerful country as USA can’t even get along in the Senate, Legislation, or Congress & Democrats vs. Republicans like it is fight night on pay-per-view then I’m speechless. Get it together & let’s show the United in United States of America. Stand in solidarity for Peace!

  23. The nuclear fallout would probably kill the entire country…. But, I don’t think it would be a great loss if those people were taken out.

  24. you have forgotten places like Seattle with a heavy military presence. What about the Navy Army and Air Force presence? Those bases and the nuclear submarines are likely targets just as well as heavily populated areas.

  25. Fallout shelters will not save us from a blast or the fallout of a nuclear attack from anybody. The survivors of a nuclear attack, will envy the dead, as we slowly, agonizingly die from radiation poisoning and later cancer, With a destroyed infrastructure, civilization slowly deteriorates. Putin and Biden will prove definitively that we are all cremated equally. They will also prove that “limited nuclear war,” or “neutron bombs,” with “low-blast” and high yield of radiation, attacks to kill people quickly, but not take out buildings and infrastructure is just a lie. They will both prove the new “Domino Theory,” of escalating nuclear exchange until the whole world is in ashes. No one wins.” We will destroy Ukraine in order to save it.” As we destroy the rest of the planet. The only way for the war in Ukraine to stop is for the military of both sides to stop obeying orders, and for armament factories and transportation workers refuse to make or ship munitions and weapons. “What if they had a war, and nobody came?”

  26. Not mentioned: the contamination at DuPont Plutonium production plant , leaking dirty water. No one could hunt or fish for over 30 years in the surrounding areas. The economy of Jackson SC took an economic hit. A documentary was made and shown on public TV. The public has no clue of the continued saga of radiation and radiation exposure.

  27. I always thought they might drop a bomb in North Chicago (about 30 miles north of Chicago). That’s the home of one of the our largest navel bases in the country.

  28. As we used to sa yin high school in the 50’s, ” If there is a nuclear attack, bend over and kiss your ass good-bye.” It hasn’t changed any. In case of nuclear attack the world as we know it is over.
    There will be no survivors. If that is the “game” that Putin wants to play, consequences will be total world destruction , unliveable for the next 1000 to 10000 years. Some game.

  29. I say we stop assisting in these wars. Russia will eventually take over Ukraine. It’s only a matter of time. America should remain humble and enjoy life to the fullest. Start building homes with bomb shelters. Train people in schools libraries or wherever to protect one self from nuclear attack. Everyone must be taught cpr, first aide,etc.

  30. All I can say is we have departments to take care of problems like this. Only problem is we need a leader that’s willing to make the call.

    1. Mr. Trump you take over and stop this ridiculous mess we are in. Also the politicians who got us in this mess shall have their passports taken so they can’t leave this country looking for safety. Thank you. God Bess the world.

  31. Although Russia us huge, it only has 2 major cities, Moscow and St Petersburg, 15 and 8 million respectively. In fact their population is greater than the next 12 cities and are the jewels in the crown of Russia. NYC is 8.5 million followed by Los Angeles at under 4 million. Other US cities are smaller, but not by as much. If the USA were attacked then both Moscow and St Petersburg would cease to exist and so would Russia. If the 6 cities in the USA were attacked, the more distributed US population would survive.

  32. Richard J Ziegler

    Thank you Jesus : America has a clear minded real President in place right now . The right man in place Not one who is hell bent on overthrowing the Government.

  33. Here’s hoping for none of the above cities to be hit but…can’t rule it out. The response from the US would be most severe and could upset the whole nature of our planet. Hoping cooler heads will prevail.

  34. This threat has existed for a long time–Every day is a gift from our Creator–People need to pray more and stop being fearful of what could happen–Seriously though, America would retaliate and that would cause global destruction with every other country on the planet becoming involved. Human extinction would most likely occur. So let us pray for peace and continue living in ways that benefit everyone.–just my opinion.

  35. Disagree with the list. Since I was a little girl, it was understood that the ” 95 corridor” which, incidentally is where I live, would be the “Bomb Belt” if it happened. DC to NY.

  36. There is NOTHING about Ukraine —not all the land, all the people, and all the people and land put together— worth the United States having a nuclear war over. If anybody takes the silly attitude that’s backing down, let them. I suspect Putin himself and every other right-thinking person on the planet would respect the U.S. for not forcing the issue to, essentially, the death of the whole world.

  37. This article did not list the 6 US Cities most likely to be attacked in a nuclear war. However, Russia has enough nuclear missiles to attack every US city with over 100,000 population, every military base, every dam, and every power station. They are all targeted.

  38. Well boys and girls we did about the same thing with Texas. Texas belonged to Mexico and we just went there and took it. If Texas decided to go back to Mexico the US would be at war with Texas just like they were when the South decided they wanted to succeed from the Union. The Ukraine was part of Russia and Russia wants it back. If you all knew how the Ukraine people treated the Jews during WWII you wouldn’t have any compassion for them at all.

  39. Since a child growing up remembering when President Kennedy was in office all the drills we had in school if there was a nuclear war being petrified scared to death often having bad dreams instilled on us most nights back then. I remember when the doctor that came to the schools every year to give all the children a check up and over heard the doctor say one time almost every child’s heart he checked he heard a heart murmur which he couldn’t understand why.
    It still amazes me to this day how we still have to live in fear of such terrible clueless useless politicians that can pull a trigger push a button and destroy our planet through our military.

    Yet there is no reason why this greatest country in the world, USA should definitely be able to stop a nuclear war with our high tech weaponry or through some type of talks long before anything does happen. If we have weak politicians in office like we do now we are in big big trouble!

  40. Living in the Phoenix area ,more or less takes us out of the fuel situation as we are supplied by either. We would have one to two weeks max, gasoline. diesel, or Lng.
    Personally, I don’t see 6 cities. We have 20 to 35 cities pre-targeted as do our enemies, it’s just a matter of air defense!

  41. The Rusdians already said they would only need 1 nuclear bomb to destroy the USA if dropped over Yellowstone caldera

  42. Retired naval officer and Naval War College faculty member here…Russia very unlikely to employ nukes and if they did, it would be small tactical weapon used as a “signal” of desperation. If we don’t stand up to Russia they will envelop much of Eastern Europe, Iran will shut down mideast oil exports, and China will control Asia. Remember the lessons of Hitler appeasement! NATO can defeat Russia.

  43. Like the war in Afghanistan, the people in Russia are growing tired of this war and all the Russian casualties. I don’t believe there will be a revolution like in 1917. If we stay the current course and Ukraine stays successful in its fight, the Russian people’s disapproving voice will end this war. Their voice is getting louder. I think Putin will remain in power. Russian is not poor. Large oil reserves that they already have customers for will keep them financially stable. We must remain steadfast, calm, and patient. China doesn’t want a World War now. I believe China is very patient and prefers to play the long game. What bothers me the most is when this war ends with Ukraine’s success Russia won’t pay anything toward the repair of Ukraine. That country is totally destroyed. There are plenty of successful causes with sad endings.

  44. I doubt that a smallish 15kt weapon would be used. I suspect those cities are targeted with something in the 100kt range. The casualty count and damage radius would be exponentially larger.

    1. Daniel Matuska

      The level of innocence demonstrated is charming.
      Deterrence is based on two facets, the capability to strike, and the willingness to do so. Neither
      Obama nor Biden are or were credible deterrent threats.
      Going from 15 kt to 100 kt is about a factor of 7 in yield and a factor of about 1.9 times (less than 2) in effectiveness or damage radius. 20 Mt would increase damage radius to 11 time 15 kt.

  45. 3Xe1ioaiNITxtqNW5CaZEzpxpY4ggtEQJVxO4x0v98I=

    none of this was going on before to this extent, it was growing with the clintons but went to this with joe james hunter
    and no one knew where ukraine was
    but zelinsky another puppet put in as president who couldn’t even act on saturday night live thinks he can run a country but he is the same as biden, money for me and the heck with the rest of the people,
    putin if he wanted to could of done it long ago and it’s their country for we have enough of a mess here which we need to take care of and stop wasting money on ukraine, we need our military, here, and putin did ask numerous time peace talks but zelinsky does NOT want it for the money we send would STOP

  46. I think Zelensky is a grifter! working with Biden to take our taxes to stay rich. We have sent BILLIONS? Where has it gone? They are losing?!? Ukraine has a gripe with Ukraine not us. Why do we have to pay. Zelensky is a dictator. Does not allow elections. This is not democracy?!?

  47. We know this but why terrify people? When your president is dangerous! want a war with Russia, China, Middle east. and Israel. As long a Democrate or in office? War is what they want. We have no more money for unless war! But they still push them?

  48. That doesn’t seem to matter to Biden and Democrats ? America should not interfere! That is why Some countries hate us now! That is why open borders are so dangerous to ua!

  49. Ukraine is not part of NATO? they are not a democracy! Why are we interfering. Don’t we pay the most money for NATO?

  50. No it won’t matter? Only super rich survive! Tell the truth if you’re going to terrify? Do a better job.! This most people have read already. At least try a new twist?!

  51. Tell the ending! blindness, sores, radiation burns. Lumps,cancers and darkness.You write to scare?!? Do a better job?! or stop terrifying people especial the young and old that live Though Cuba missal crisis. We were taught in school what do.

  52. You keep pushing fear scaring old and the very young. You know what will happen we know! But you never give true or the reason. Do you even know or you are coping another article!? What is your solutions. Do you have any ? NO? why not why don’t you talk survival? that there will be none.? Only the ultra rich live. do you homework and actual tell the truth. You are just fear mongering? Why?

  53. Why don’t you tell the truth! Nuclear bomb will kill everyone on earth . That is why countries won’t push this. Your fear mongering is useless you scare people , you don’t have a solution. Fear mongering is all you got. People need to live their life to the fullest just in case there is no tomorrow. You guys have ran this article a couple of time . Why is that ! No-one but the elite will survive they have everything to keep them safe! and rich. Not us!

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