Top 7 US States with the Most Reported Missing Persons

missing persons
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7. Washington

Washington has 9 to 10 missing persons for every 100,000

The District of Columbia is one of the US states where the missing person cases keep piling up. According to The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System 2021 data, Washington has between 9 to 10 missing persons for every 100,000.

A bewildering case is that of Heather Higgins, a 39-year-old woman who was last seen in Sept. 2010 leaving her home with a friend. When Heather couldn’t be reached, her mother realized something was wrong, so she went to her daughter’s house, but nothing seemed unusual.

When asked, the friend told everyone he had dropped off Heather at home after they went shopping. Also, her mother rejected the possibility of Heather intentionally disappearing as she would never have deliberately left her beloved cats behind.

Despite police efforts, the case remains unsolved, and Heather is still missing.

6. Montana

Montana has 10 to 11 missing persons for every 100,000

The list of people who disappeared in Montana includes everyone from runaways to potential murder victims. Since Montana is more of a rural state, there are many places to disappear among the valleys and mountains in the wilderness.

Ashley Loring Heavyrunner, 20, went missing in June 2017 from the Blackfeet Reservation. Her family has been searching for her ever since then. For months, her older sister searched on social media, took calls from tipsters, and put up flyers.

There have been over 40 searches in the area, which is home to grizzly bears and mountain lions. Here’s what Ashley’s sister said: “If I give up, who will look for her?”

Ashley has not been found so far.

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