WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050

San Diego
Photo by Dancestrokes from shutterstock.com

5. San Diego, California

Another California city that is probably going to be underwater sooner or later is San Diego. This city is warm, fun, and lovely, and its beauty attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Known for the annual Comic-Con that takes place in San Diego, this event might need to find a new host if Mother Nature decides to release all her powers and sink the city.

Speaking of that, scientists say that tides are more likely to rise from 1 to 4 feet by 2050, and when that happens, the streets that are close to the water will actually be under it. And what’s going to happen with all those beautiful sandy beaches? Well, they’ll be underwater too.

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6 thoughts on “WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050”

  1. This one is at least believable, seeing as though the entire city is below sea level, with the Gulf waters being held back by the levees. Sure, those levees could break again, though they’re under control of the Army COE.

  2. There is a solution, to this Environmental Disaster, Stop the illegal burning of the World’s Forest, begin to initiate environmental solutions to clean our water, reduce CO2 gases, and the Earth’s natural ecosystem will correct itself, in a matter of time. NOTE: We have the final solution to the man-made flaws … Guaranteed !!!! ADEPT TECHNOLOGIES LLC ….

  3. This is the cyclical forwardness of the world adapting. Only when INSURANCE companies refuse to sell their stuff does it matter. NO STRESS !! The beginning of salvation is a living peace of mind while on earth. Eternal rest comes later. FLOODS are always terminated by GOD. Predestination is the all knowing creator calling the shots. Having a higher power is the link to PEACE of MIND.

  4. Why are you fearmonger? Most of us will be dead by then. How about you? add 50 to your age? What will you do . Do you have a solution?! If not why are you scaring people! Nuclear war will kill us first!
    Biden has started 4 wars so far He wants war with Russia. Poor old guys doesn’t seem to know we all die. Why worry? Be happy! LOL! WE are FUBAR already! LOL!

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