10 Steps To Prepare For A Hurricane

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A hurricane is a genuine issue and must be treated in a serious manner. There are multiple ways you can protect yourself, your family and home from an aggressive hurricane and we’ll give you some insights which will turn out to be more useful than you think.

It is true that you can’t control the weather or predict when a hurricane will hit, but you can take the right measures in order to prevent significant damage from happening such as:

1. Organize a plan in case of evacuation. Have a common meeting point with your family members, but before you meet turn off all of your utilities. Follow the instructions given by the officials;

2. Bring inside the house all of the patio, toys and bikes;

3. Make sure you protect all of your windows and doors. Install shutters or impact-resistant glass;

4. Secure your wall hanging art. Also take in the house those ones left outside;

5. Park your cars in the garage or in an open space, not under trees or power lines;

6. Be ready for blackouts and power cuts by charging your phone, filling your car’s gas tank and have fuel prepared just in case;

7. All of your appliances must be unplugged and stored in cabinets, nonetheless don’t keep them near windows or doors;

8. Keep all of your important documents and jewelry in a risk free place such a deposit box or a safe;

9. Have an emergency kit ready in case you need to evacuate immediately;

10. Have a shelter room. This room should have no windows and be placed on the center of the house, preferably on the first floor.


Also, don’t forget to always have these things in your kit just in case you are forced to evacuate:

• A portable radio with batteries

• At least one flashlight

• Maps

• Copies of important documents

• Non-perishable foods

• Water

•  Pet food in case you have any

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