6 Things From Space That Could Kill Us All

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Local gamma-ray burst

Really powerful outbursts of energy known as gamma-ray bursts might be caused by binary star systems, which are two stars orbiting a common center, and supernovas, which are known as exploding stars.

These energy bursts are really powerful, as they focus their energy into a narrow beam that lasts no longer than seconds or minutes. The radiation that will follow will have so much power, it will damage and destroy our ozone layer, leaving life vulnerable to the sun’s strong UV radiation.

Astronomers have discovered this star system, known as WR 104, which could host this kind of event.

WR 104 is considered to be between 5,200 and 7,500 light-years away, which isn’t far enough to be safe.

So we can only guess when the burst will actually happen, Luckily enough, there is a certain possibility that the beam might miss us completely when it will happen.

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