7 Turbulent Flight Routes Seniors Should AVOID at All Costs

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It’s easier than ever to board a plane, hop across the ocean, and see the place you’ve always dreamed of⁠—whether it’s a metropolis, an island, or a mountain resort. Yet, there’s a chance you experience some bumps along the way.

For instance, the flight path that connects New York with London is among the world’s busiest and most turbulent flight routes. Turbulence is something that modern airlines strive to mitigate or outright avoid, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Certain flight paths are more prone to turbulence due to factors ranging from weather conditions to how well-traveled the area is. Listed below are 7 of the most turbulent flight routes in the world. No matter if you’re a business class, first class, or economy traveler, turbulence makes no difference, and sometimes there’s no way to avoid it.

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