6 Devastating Bermuda Triangle Stories

What’s the theory behind the Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle
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The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been going around for years now, and there have been a few abnormal cases reported from many years ago, but scientists can’t seem to find an explanation. Between Florida, the Bermuda Islands, and Puerto Rico is the Bermuda Triangle, a triangular region in the Atlantic Ocean. This area can affect anything or anyone that enters it, which means that many aircrafts and ships simply vanished or were found with no people on board.

This area and the incidents that have happened here, have concerned many people, from scientists to regular people, but to no success. Those who feel something strange is happening have strongly urged the role of paranormal activity and the presence of aliens, while many scientists have contested this notion, proposing sensible explanations for the occurrence.

The notion of electromagnetic interference causing compass issues is the most prominent of the few possible scientific explanations. But let’s see 6 devastating Bermuda Triangle stories.

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