The US Army’s 5 Disastrous Wartime Decisions

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Nations tend to focus on their military defeats as long as, if not longer than, they do on their victories. The Battle of Kosovo remains the major event in Serbian history, and disastrous military defeats embellish the national narratives of Germany, France, and the American South. What are the most devastating disasters in American military history, and what consequences have they had on our country?

In this article, we focus on specific strategic and operational decisions, leaving aside grand-strategic points of view that may have led the United States into unwise battles.

The US may have made political mistakes by participating in the War of 1812, the Vietnam War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or other military conflicts, but this article highlights how specific failures harmed the US Army and its strategic position.

That being said, here are the US military’s 5 disastrous wartime decisions.

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