Did Trump Ruin America for Good? Here’s The Truth!

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Many Americans will remember Donald Trump’s presidency as a four-year-long on-air rant and storm of tweets that ended in several riots and a historic second impeachment. But Trump’s time in office was more than just attention-grabbing political conflict and drama; often unnoticed, the former president and his administration actually made some changes to some of the ways Washington works.

You’ve probably heard that Trump announced he would run for president again in 2024. Surprisingly or not, he still maintains a strong following, despite his controversial tenure and complex legacy. However, recent polling indicates that most Republicans don’t want Trump as their party’s presidential nomination, which raises questions about his electability.

Here are the most devastating things Trump did to America, measured by their overall impact and taking into consideration the general response from the public.

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21 thoughts on “Did Trump Ruin America for Good? Here’s The Truth!”

  1. Another lie. Trump is no scientist so he had to rely upon the research and advice of fauchie and launch a program to provide protection from the virus that we now know was man made. he shortened the required testing to help with the deaths. you cant have it both ways saying he created the virus and the bad vaccines that are still killing many. it was biden who exclaimed success by demanding that all Americans be inoculated . it was biden that forced the lockdowns and school closings. it was biden that fired health care workers that didnt take the shot. so who did the lie? it wasnt Trump.———————- I, Grampa

  2. Trump didn’t ruin America but he sure made a dent in ruining the swamp. At least they are out there showing their ugly heads and their ugly policies for all of us to see. The only problem is that our government and the media are hell bent on destroying America, at least the one we know, for their One World Order. Obama was the biggest mistake we ever made. When he said he was going to fundamentally change America he wasn’t kidding. He just didn’t tell the whole truth. He was starting to fundamentally destroy America. Believe what you want but if the woke and the Socialists and the Progressives and the Communists win, it’s goodbye America as we know it, and it would be a miracle if we ever got it back.

  3. Please mention the millions of Americans he killed by not telling us of the deadly Coronavirus. He down played it for months. Grandparent killed, Parents killed, Sisters killed, Brothers killed, etc… He is the Ultimate Murderer and shouldn’t be in any office EVER.

  4. We have a president that was dammed for what he did and dammed for what he didnt. constant opposition that diverted his attention from running the country. two unsuccessful impeachments that cost the taxpayers millions. efforts that continue to fight the possibility of his reelection because the people see what he stood for. so many millions with false accusations that have all failed because they are false. the thought that he would become president has them terrified. Will we survive until the time of the next election ? As the desperation grows their actions become more direct and dangerous. We need only look at the people around them to see what happens when you oppose their ideas. so many come down with a terminal case of suicide. I see them trying with any candidate that steps up to run for president I see only two I would vote for at this point in time. both Trump and DeSantis the gov. of Florida are qualified. Between the two I lean toward the governor because of his youth. Both he and president Trump are together in supporting America. The governor of Florida would have more stamina and have the support of the never Trumpers. While Trump is well enough he is overweight which puts him at risk. Between them both it is a close call when it comes to ability with Trump having more business experiences. Both stand for America and the people first. It was clear that we had too much corruption within our election process. A matter that I have addressed on other websites. I suggest changing the way we elect our president that would reduce the possibility of fraud greatly giving the people better control of the Whitehouse.————- I, Grampa

  5. Time to look at the data collected from our satellites. the last six years show that we had no global warming. We never get to see that data. only the spots that show the extreme events. The earth is not static. the weather has changed and will do so with or without man. the thought that we can “manage” our weather can be demonstrated mathematically. Calculate the amount of BTU’s ti takes to raise one cubic foot of sea water one degree. Celsius or Fahrenheit , it doesnt matter. take the amount of cubic feet of sea water. (available on the net) now multiply together to see how much heat would need to be generated to raise the temp one degree. you will find it is higher than all the power mankind has generated during our industrial revolution or the time mankind first used fire to heat himself and cook his food. so even if we stopped all heat generated it wouldnt stop any raise or lower in temperature. the amount of heat caused by our sun has the most relevance to temperature change . so if we want to see which gas has the most effect on climate? It is H2o. it is the clouds that block the sun from the surface. Co2 is the natural part of the planets cycle without it our planet would die. It is the ignorance of people that is the main factor that gives government its power. using the fear and panic caused by the ignorance of people that will allow the government to gain the power and control it wants. Education is power. Until we educate our children to think for themselves the rich who control government will continue to grow richer using our taxes against us. The solution is easy. Government will use every way to divide us up to prevent us from seeing the truth. Just keep us entertained and feed us the type of education that prevents us from thinking for ourselves. they want us dependant upon government who givs us our rights. time to choose.——————I, Grampa

  6. All are a joke!
    Really, print the truth, you are the problem.
    Biden in 2 yrs has really screwed everything up, total joke to the world. Harris…complete failure

  7. everyone seems to forget how congress and democrats pelosi schumer schiff maxine waters to name a few bloked trump at every turn and still he did alot of good for america alot better then today. those bogus impeachments he is not guilty of anything bad. people wake up democrats ruin america. yes to age and term limits

  8. Typical democrat, the democrats shut the economy down not trump, the red states proved they all faired better economically, rhe masks and shut downs have proven to ineffective and wrecked havoc on small businesses,closing them down. Natural immunity has now been proven to be 27 times more effective than the covid vaccines that biden pushed on people. Then closing the pipeline down when trump had us energy independent, the destruction of America has come mostly by the democrats immoral laws , rejecting the Word of God and allowing thousands more to cross our borders with far more deaths than trump when he began shutting it down and screening those who ate allowed in. And we wont talk about the feytanol deaths from all the drugs biden is allowing with his open borders


  10. If you were to be completely HONEST you would be running how Biden (his son!) & the entire democratic party have totally trashed this country!!! Unemployment, inflation, etc is at a 40 year high. Yet Biden comments on how “improved it is over last year”; completely ignoring how, under his watch, we’re in the worse condition than ever!

  11. Trump has weakened our democracy with his lies & disinformation. He is not alone in this as he has had plenty of help from Fox News & other extreme right news agencies who tell outright lies & lie by omission. The sad thing is they do this for the money. I just hope they wake up before it’s too late. As far as I’m concerned it’s Trump’s fault that Russia invaded Ukraine. During his time as president he was constantly cozying up to Putin so Putin was emboldened to invade thinking we would do nothing. I know times are tough for a lot of people right now, but if we don’t stop Russia now by continuing to help Ukraine, you think he will stop with Ukraine?

  12. All Garbage you people drink the cool aid and want more I’m not a fan of Trump but Biden is a liar and a thief but no one tells you he has 3rape settlements in his state paid the girls off and made them sign a non disclosure like father an son (Hunter)
    At th end of the movie shooter the senator claimed I am a US sitting senator you can’t touch me
    We the people need term limits, not need people to be in an elected office for 30 to 50 years

  13. None of this is true! I would vote for Trump again. He is not destroying America like Biden is.
    So get your facts straight. And get a real life. Go Trump.

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