You’ll NEVER Go on a Cruise Ship After Reading These 5 Facts!

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5. Crimes are possible

The cruise ship industry isn’t a stranger when it comes to crime. Bad things can happen anywhere and at any time, but keep in mind that there’s always a dark side to what can happen when you’re away from home, somewhere in the middle of the ocean or the sea, on a huge cruise ship.

There are many things that can take place on a cruise, from petty brawls to downright theft, assaults, and even murder. If you don’t believe me, here’s something you should know: according to different sources, there were over 60 assaults and over 90 crimes in total in 2016, and a few percentages of crimes aboard cruises typically lead to plea bargains and convictions.

So the next time you think about going on a cruise, make sure you do your research before packing your bags. Take care of yourself, pay attention to the people you meet there, make sure you stay safe, and have fun!

Did you know about any of these facts? Would you consider going on vacation on a ship? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think about this story!

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5 thoughts on “You’ll NEVER Go on a Cruise Ship After Reading These 5 Facts!”

  1. In 2023, 25.1 billion people are expected to cruise, so if you look at only 60 injuries, 90 crimes (including 60 assaults), and either 3 deaths a month (or even 3 per week ~ [but I don’t trust that source]) a cruise seems like a very safe vacation.

    After seeing a show and having drinks, you don’t have to worry about drunk drivers or getting a dui yourself. You don’t have to cook for a week, so no kitchen mishaps. If there are activities such as a rock wall, there is an employee there to assist you with safety gear and proper suggestions.

    I have a cruise scheduled the end of April. After over 20 cruises, I am ready to enjoy the cruise ship life ~ I don’t even care where we go, I spend most of my time enjoying my balcony room, the piano bar, the shows, and of course the food.

  2. Theron Wilson TACKER

    I went on a cruise to Alaska on Royal Carribean Lines and it was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. of course they have a morgue. better than someone dying and just leaving in a room or throwing overboard.. people die everyday. and crimes can happen anywhere as well as you can get hurt anywhere. I got hurt in a cruise ship the first day m, but I just slipped in some water because my flip flops were super slippery and hurt my arm had it in a sling. and also you can get bedbugs anywhere you go as well. so no this doesn’t scare me. cruises are a blast.

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