Top 6 Maritime Disasters That Weren’t The Titanic

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Image Courtesy Of Wikicommons

4. Saint-Philibert Cruise Ship

On 14 June 1931, this small French cruise ship embarked in the port of Nantes filled with workers and their families from the city, some 467 passengers, twice the ship’s capacity. The ship would successfully dock at the L’Herbaudière on the Île de Noirmoutier. Although the journey was smooth in calm seas with equally calm weather, the return journey would see devastating tragedy.

On its return trip to Nante, the weather would change for the worst as a storm rolled in, making navigation incredibly difficult. Exacerbating the problem was the overcapacity, as passengers moved to one side of the ship it caused the ship to heel dangerously when the next large wave struck the ship capsized. Sadly, all but 8 of the people on board survived.

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1 thought on “Top 6 Maritime Disasters That Weren’t The Titanic”

  1. Stephen LeRoy Patrick

    You left out the Wilhelm Gostloff which was sunk in 1945 by a Soviet Submarine during the closing months of World War Two. The German Passenger Liner was overloaded with German civilians and wounded Soldiers fleeing the oncoming Red Army. The death toll has been estimated between 6000 and 10,000 making it the greatest Maritime disaster.

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