7 Turbulent Flight Routes Seniors Should AVOID at All Costs

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1. New York to London

When it comes to turbulence, the flight from New York to London and vice versa is one of the worst flight paths. There are a few factors contributing to this dubious distinction.

One of the reasons why you may experience turbulence during a flight on this route is bad weather. New York gets its fair share of storms, but London is definitely more likely to experience awful weather. Rain, strong winds, and the potential for the weather to suddenly change make flying into London difficult.

You aren’t wrong if you’ve flown on this path and think your flights have felt a bit more turbulent recently. As climate change continues to affect our planet, the conditions for turbulence increase too. We’re talking about a rise in choppy waters, warm air, and greater clear-air turbulence.

Then there’s the fact that flying over certain oceans can increase the odds of turbulence, and the North Atlantic is definitely one of the most turbulent flight areas.

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