5 Unbelievable Survival Stories That Are Too Good to Be True

Photo by Danita Delimont from Shutterstock

#1 Stuck Between the Rocks

In the latter part of April 2003, Aron Ralston was hiking in Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon. Aron’s arm was displaced and impaled by an 800-pound boulder as he tried to squeeze through a small sandstone crevice. For five days, he was trapped by the boulder. All the drinks and food he had taken with him were now gone. Aron understood he had to escape the situation quickly.

Because he had no other choice, he used a multitool to cut off his arm. A quarter of his blood was lost throughout the process. He then trekked six kilometers until he came across a family after climbing a 65-foot rock and exiting the canyon. Up until aid arrived, they offered him food and drink. He overcame the tragedy and continued to live a long life despite being without half an arm.

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