5 Unbelievable Survival Stories That Are Too Good to Be True

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#5 Falling Off the Cliff

Angela swerved her car to avoid a little animal in July of 2018 as she was traveling down the highway in Southern California. She didn’t hit the animal, but the abrupt movement harmed her badly. Her SUV skidded 200 feet off the road. In addition to breaking her ribs and collarbone, Angela also experienced a cerebral hemorrhage, collapsed lung, and burst veins in her eyes.

She nevertheless made it through. The water splashing on her face awakened her. She used a multitool to smash her window, then swam to the closest beach. Days were spent walking. She could not be seen or heard. Soon after, hikers discovered her car and then Angela close by. They requested assistance, and when rescuers arrived, they brought her to the hospital.

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