5 Unbelievable Survival Stories That Are Too Good to Be True

Photo by Dudarev Mikhail from Shutterstock

#3 Lost in the Desert

Italian-born racer Mauro Prosperi wandered off in 1994 during the famously known Marathon des Sables, the most difficult footrace on earth. The race took a 230-kilometer route through the Moroccan Sahara. Unfortunately, Prosperi had fled in a different direction during a previous storm.

Prosperi claimed that in order to keep from entirely dehydrating, he occasionally had to drink his own urine. The sportsman felt so depressed that he wanted to end his life in order to figure out a less unpleasant way to pass away than by starving to death.

Prosperi was rescued by Algerian nomads nine days after veering off the track, roughly 200 kilometers off the marathon course. During this time, he dropped roughly 30 pounds.

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