7 Disasters That Could End Your State By 2023

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Mega hurricanes

hurricanes Irene, Katrina, Wilma, and Sandy actually did a number on the East and Gulf Coasts in America, which caused billions of dollars in damages and claimed too many lives.

To make matters even worse, because of climate change, the frequency of these monster storms is highly expected to increase. Once, this type of phenomenon used to happen very often, and now, they occur almost every year, with worsening consequences.

Coastal cities grow, the devastation is about to increase and Science Focus cites them as one of the biggest natural disasters that will happen.

The Big One in California, Oregon, and Washington

The San Andreas Fault created havoc and devastation in the past, and scientists believe that it will happen again. The United States Geological Survey believes that the likelihood of a magnitude 8.0 or even bigger earthquake hitting California in the next few decades is bigger than ever!

Plus, we shouldn’t forget about the volatile Cascadia Subduction Zone, which is all over Oregon and Washington state. And because of massive population increases in both these states in the last decade, and an ongoing love of highrises in their biggest cities, when the Big One hits, it’s going to be VERY bad!

A Chilean “Megathrust”

There’s another West Coast earthquake disaster that might happen anytime in Chile, on the west coast of South America. As the volcanologist website Temblor showed, “it’s very clear to all of us that the Coquimbo region (which is found in central Chile), has a rather unusual, increasing seismicity that might prepare the area for a bigger earthquake.”

Just like the North American earthquake, scientists believe the Megathrust will be accompanied by a horrible tsunami.

Rising oceans

Arctic glaciers are melting at alarming speeds, and scientists say that “150 million people are currently living on land that will soon be below the high-tide line by midcentury
as The New York Times showed. A lot of population areas are currently affected by the direct result of climate change, such as the East and West Coasts of America, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Maldives, which is an island nation located in the Arabian Sea, is under enormous threat because the country comprised of multiple low-lying islands is expected to completely disappear by 2045.

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