Though Time? These 5 Celebs Went Through Shocking Disasters

Sofia Vergara
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1. Sofia Vergara: disaster in the family

If you’re a fan of the beautiful actress Sofia Vergara, you sure like her goofy style and her incredible sense of humor. What’s more, it’s absolutely fascinating to see how she turns every situation in which someone mocks her accent into something funny.

But her life wasn’t always as good as it might seem today. In 1998, Sofia lost her dear brother, Rafael, due to a shooting that happened in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

When she saw the tragedies that were happening in Colombia, she took Julio, her younger brother, out of the country and moved to Miami. Unfortunately, they weren’t happy in the US either, because Julio started using illegal substances.

And if you think her sad story ends here, wait until you read what happened next. Sofia was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years after Rafael died. She immediately went under treatment, and the good news is that she completely recovered.

As for her younger brother, Julio was deported back to Colombia because he couldn’t keep himself distant from the substances he was taking. Even though the beautiful actress didn’t have such an easy life, she was always willing to work and to do better, and now she’s one of the prettiest and most appreciated women in Hollywood!

2. Charlize Theron: huge family problems 

Before she became the Hollywood star she is today, Charlize Theron was an ordinary girl who had a troubled childhood. When she was a teenager, she was at home with her mother when they heard her father come in, extremely drunk and threatening to shoot both her and her mother.

Fearing that he’d hurt their daughter, her mom took the gun and shot the man. He died, but the police didn’t take her to prison, saying that the whole tragic incident was self-defense.

When she was asked about her childhood, Charlize Theron said that her father’s death is a part of herself, but it doesn’t defy her life. Years went by; she studied hard and became one of the most appreciated actresses in Hollywood.

3. Marlon Brando: family tragedy 

Marlon Brando is remembered as an acting great in Hollywood, but he also had his fair share of tragedy. Christian Brando, the half-brother of Cheyenne Brando, murdered Dag Drollet in May of 1990.

Cheyenne was his daughter from his 3rd marriage and she was expecting a child with Drollet. Christian admitted guilt and spent 5 years in jail after being convicted of manslaughter.

During the course of the trial, Cheyenne made 2 suicide attempts. She gave birth to a boy named Tuki, but she was unable to keep him once she turned 25 in 1995. Cheyenne was already close to the edge, but this last blow sent her over the edge, and she killed herself.

Both Cheyenne’s father and half-brother were unable to make it to the burial since it was held in Tahiti, where her mother was born. The beloved actor from “The Godfather” movie died on July 1st, 2004.

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