Though Time? These 5 Celebs Went Through Shocking Disasters

Keanu Reeves
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4. Keanu Reeves: hopeless family life

Even though he was the face of one of the most successful film series of the early 2000s, Keanu Reeves had his own issues to contend with behind the scenes of “The Matrix” trilogy.

Tragically, Reeves and his then-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, lost their unborn child in January 2000, when the pregnancy was 8 months along. This tragic incident ruined their relationship, and what’s even worse, soon after their breakup, she was killed in a vehicle crash.

One of the most tragic parts of this narrative is how quickly Keanu Reeves’ happiness at starting a family turned to despair at the prospect of losing them.

5. Dylan McDermott: heard when his mother died 

Actor Dylan McDermott, best known for his roles in “American Horror Story”, was confronted with the harsh face of life when he was only a 5-year-old kid.

In 1967, McDermott’s mom dated John Sponza, a man who was heavily involved in the criminal underworld. One morning, he urged McDermott to go outdoors and play. He listened to the man, but little did he know what was going to happen next.

While he was outside, he heard his mother screaming and crying, and a gunshot too. She was killed by Sponza. The police came and said that the death was an accident, although McDermott knew it had been a homicide. The actor remembered that Sponza pointed weapons at him before. The case was reopened and Sponza was found guilty in 2011. 

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