4 Celebs Who Lost Their Lives While on Stage

Ian Cognito
Courtesy of Pinterest

2. Ian Cognito

Ian Cognito, one of the most popular stand-up comedians the UK has ever had, made a terrible joke about having a stroke and then waking up speaking Welsh just 10 minutes before the tragic event actually happened.

A few moments after the joke, the comedian slumped on a chair, looking like he was having a stroke, and the audience thought the moment was hilarious.

Roughly 5 minutes went by, and Mr. Cognito didn’t get up from his chair and was sitting still, and the people thought it was still part of the act, so you can guess how much laughter was in that room.

Little did the public know that the comedian was actually having a real heart attack. The paramedics were called urgently to the scene, but when they got there, they pronounced the talented stand-up comedian dead.

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